How To Be Happy And Enjoy Life…

You can worry for material things if you were born along with them. I am absolutely sure, I was not. Material things are hurdles to happiness in our life. If you think you are here for just earning money and basking in luxury, then you are deceiving yourself. Self-deception leads to sadness.

When I was a kid, every time I used to come across a sad face, I always wondered, “why is he serious, why doesn’t he smile?” These questions always bothered me.

With time, I understood that majority of us are fighting with ourselves. No other person is responsible for snatching our happiness. We are forcing ourselves every day to neglect this precious gift of life.

Before going deep into the thought, let me define happiness.

Happiness is a stage where heart, brain and soul are tuned in at the same frequency. If either of them stays out of tune, happiness will not stay there for long.

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  • Perceiving: It seems small and insignificant, but it is rather a very effective tool to implement when working towards a happier mindset. It acts as a fulcrum for life and so the happiness.

 I have heard lot of people who say that if you want to feel happy, just be happy; but it did not convince me. I asked them to elaborate and their answer was the same again “Just be happy.”

Every time people come across this question, they blurt out the same robotic answer; a fact which left me with a major conclusion, “All of us  are pretending to be happy…but… in reality, no one is actually happy.”

So, giving in to my curiosity and the wish to make sure that I don’t fall prey to this trap of ‘Pretentious Happiness’, I decided to implement some ways, which, according to me, will help me to build a truly happier mindset….

I was in the middle of the day and started perceiving that “I am happy” irrespective of the material gains or possessions. I started doing it, I started to look for happier people and faces around me, tried smiling genuine and unconditional smiles. And I must say, that although it doesn’t sound like a huge feat in my pursuit, but it had a major impact in my day, I genuinely felt happier.

But, when I tried to inculcate this habit further, I ran across a major road block…Often, when we try to work on such abstract ideas, our minds often questions it, asking us regarding the practical and logical aspects of it! And, not to mention, here too, my mind pulled me back, deeming this feat to be wastage of time. Well, If I may, I must warn you here. This is your defense mechanism, playing tricks on you! Living in a world as fast-paced as ours, we are too habitual to sadness, hence, whenever we try to act otherwise, our mind tries to deceive us into believing that it’s not something normal or worthwhile!
So, I took a deep breathe and continued in my quest to be happy , unconditionally!






Oh My God !

Oh My God ! we recite this phrase almost everyday, sometimes to express happiness and sometimes fear. Our life exists between these two ends of the same pole. When we have positive mood, we recite this phrase with happiness and when we are scared, we recite this phrase with fear.What exists between these two ends of the same pole is life.

We keep on orbiting around this pole of happiness and fear and keep fluctuating through mood swings. Surely you will be flabbergasted when you will know this;that we all are living in simulation. It means whatever we are experiencing here is being happening somewhere else too in this universe or may be in some other parallel universe. We all are very powerful entities created by God. We see our-selves as three-dimensional entities,let me tell you the secret,we are creatures of infinite dimensions,unfortunately we can see only three dimensions as our vision gets limited when we orbit around the pole of happiness and fear.

As you know, we all  are running for three major enablers of life Knowledge,Money and comfort. If we get all these enablers of life we call our-self successful and of-course feel happy. Some people when they do not get all these enablers,they start considering themselves failures, which is not right.

Let me tell you the objective of our life is to be happy always,our soul is riding our body for happiness only. The day when we will be able to harness the power of happiness,it will be another evolution of human being. Hence be happy because you are a powerful multi-dimensional creature.





We desire,define and demand.When we do all this our wish has to traverse through many dimensions. If our desire is full of strength and can cross all the dimensions,it gets fulfilled. If not so, then remains unfulfilled. This is the reason, usually people say keep doing one day you’ll achieve your goal.

Let me tell you we are living in a knitted matrix of at least sixteen dimensions lattice and we are originally very powerful at sixteenth dimension and can achieve whatever we want and at this dimension our energy is very pure hence question of bad desires does not arise.


Actually on Earth we can see three dimensions of ours and perform up-to the extent of three dimensions.Hence our energy and powers get limited and whenever we’re able to connect with our original lattice of sixteen dimensions,we feel powerful,happy and  rejoice sense of accomplishment.

I know this is hard to believe but this is fact that we can raise our dimensions and so the power however it is not that easy.The prerequisites for doing this is we should be very pure from within and have to streamline our energy. If we can not do this we can’t achieve and sometime if our frequency gets disrupted due to negative thoughts we can lose even these three dimensions.This is the reason society at large advise to do good to accomplish.

Whatever we do, universe reciprocates exponentially in the same manner. Hence I am sharing a very big secret with you

The power of dimensions and magnetic field

“As every planet have its magnetic field which protects them from external attacks similarly human beings also have dimensions and magnetic field which protects them from negative frequency and thoughts.”-Rajesh Walecha

Hence Keep your dimensions and magnetic field intact and strong.

Sky is a window

We are of-course determined to make everyone happy in this universe. We’ve seen most of the people wait for happiness to come,they feel that someone will come and make them happy. Some of them feel when they’ll accomplish some goal,earn some money,purchase some luxury car and bungalow only than they’ll feel happy.

Most of the people  keep observing either their parallel or most of the time their colleagues and friends; let me tell you this is a big black hole,which sop up your happiness completely.

Okay ! Let me substantiate it like this , if you’re sitting in a room,how would you feel happy? Looking inside the room or outside. If you feel happy looking inside the room then the next question is what’ll you look for and for how long? Of course for variations you would like to see out of the room.

Usually positive variations make us happy.Inviting positive variations do not want money,accomplishing of any goal and buying of luxury they just want a window from where you can see and feel them.

Let me tell you we all are living in a very big room and sky is a big window, see through it, you’ll find profusion of Happiness. A world full of happiness lives there. Whenever you feel sad just look into the sky,it has a big window which only gives the view of happiness.

Are you ready for Happiness,com-eon get it


No Guarantee

It was wonderful dusk and he had planned candle dinner with his beautiful partner. He was very happy and excited too for the dinner and having imaginations for to make the evening more beautiful. By profession she was an astronaut and was very happy that today she is going to enjoy evening with him and was aware that he will try to make it memorable. She was walking along the beach and was thinking about this. All of sudden a deep blue light shines in the sky and she observes that somebody is coming towards her with strange looks and after this she faints.

When she wakes up find herself in different creatures who do not look like human but their body is same as it is of human. She screams and ask who are you? but gets no answer because they do not understand her language. They put her on translator to communicate with her. They tell her that we know you are an intelligent astronaut and you know a lot of secrets of universe.She screams and ask but who are you? what do you want from me? Why I am here? The stranger says ” Do not worry, feel safe because you have been invited by our chief to give you award. She gets surprised and says “award” means. The stranger tells her you have saved our planet during your travel to space and this way you have saved our generations.

In the mean time their chief enters with changing looks some time good, sometime bad. First he laughs loudly by taking his ugly tongue out of his mouth.Chief touches her and says thank-you young lady. She asks ” Thank-you for what ! He laughs again loudly and says ” Young lady you’ve saved our generations. I am going to award you for this.Chief touches her forehead with deep dark purple color light in his hand. The moment chief touches her forehead,she faints but her brain is active and she is listening, chief says young lady from now onward whenever you’ll snap your fingers, you’ll be able for time travel and you can travel anytime and anywhere in the universe but remember never think for guarantee. The moment you’ll think for guarantee your power will slow down.

After this she wakes up and find herself on the same beach and feels absolutely fresh and recalls she was about to go for dinner with her partner. She quickly moves for the restaurant. The moment she reaches restaurant her partner says you’re on time and looking pretty too.

She was very happy but bit worried and was thinking about that secret power of snapping of fingers. The moment his partner goes for some order at the counter, she tries her power by snapping her fingers, she reaches the other part of the cosmos and listens the sound in the background ” No Guarantee”  ” No Guarantee”  . She quickly snaps her fingers and comes back to the restaurant.

Hmm ! Everyone of us is working hard to earn guarantee.I am taking you back in the time,when we were living in forest and hunting for food. The situation has not changed yet,it is same; only woods have changed,earlier we were hunting in woods and today we are hunting in the concretes’ woods.

Things are changing at the speed of light and so are we.Those who resist change extinct.Every human being is stressed because he is busy in searching guarantee for future. Let me tell you there is no Guarantee. Yes ! You’ve read it correctly there is no guarantee.

Do not search guarantee, snap your finger and travel the universe. Because in this story He is “you” and she is “your spirit” and chief of other planet is your thought.

Only Change is the guarantee. Keep changing with the change.Snap your fingers and enjoy the ride.

Com-eon get it

If we’ve smart looks,we may attract the lot of people but if we are smart from inside we may attract whole world and even universe.

I am sure you would like to opt for second option and like to attract whole universe.It is very easy to opt for second option. Before you choose, let me substantiate the concept to you.

  1. Smart looks : If we opt for smart looks that means we are in love and obsessed with our-self. In that case our personality starts turning a type of egoist personality. The moment we turn egoist we become selfish and love does not exist in selfishness,hence in this case we may attract a lot of people of our type but we can not attract the whole universe.In this case we’ll always be in wanting situation. Universe does not work on wanting theory.
  2. Smart from Inside : If we wish to opt for “Smart from Inside” In this case we’ve to quit the obsession for our-self, try to learn compassion,sacrifice,art of giving and sometime art of sharing the things which we need the most.In this case we’ll be in plenty situation. Let me tell you the secret that universe works on the theory of plenty.

Hence; give more have more always.


Whoo-hoo ! Oh My God this thought is igniting, I am not able to stop it at all.Does it exist or we ‘re living in illusion? If it exists then why it changes? If it does not change then it seems we change and if it is so, another thought is, like as every planet in the universe is revolving around Sun and rotating on its axis. It seems we are also revolving around Sun and rotating around our axis. Revolving around sun is causing changes in our mood and rotating on our own axis is causing the age or aging.

The next point which comes to my mind is why other planets are floating in the space and why we’re not.Is gravity working hard on us as compare to other planets or we’re bigger or heavier than those planets as space is not able to hold us. If it is the  case then entire theory changes.I am sure if we’ll relate it to the proven scientific theories it is absolutely different and may be bizarre.Simulation

Subsequently if we talk about simulation then this thought may substantiate itself. What I feel;when we imagine we find our-self in different world and when we execute we find our-self in different world.To me visit to the earth seems a time travel through wormhole.

If we are living in simulation or passing through time travel there is no need to worry because nothing is existing permanently. We’re on an amusement ride and not here for to acquire material things.

Live happily because we’re living in simulation.