How To Be Happy And Enjoy Life…

You can worry for material things if you were born along with them. I am absolutely sure, I was not. Material things are hurdles to happiness in our life. If you think you are here for just earning money and basking in luxury, then you are deceiving yourself. Self-deception leads to sadness.

When I was a kid, every time I used to come across a sad face, I always wondered, “why is he serious, why doesn’t he smile?” These questions always bothered me.

With time, I understood that majority of us are fighting with ourselves. No other person is responsible for snatching our happiness. We are forcing ourselves every day to neglect this precious gift of life.

Before going deep into the thought, let me define happiness.

Happiness is a stage where heart, brain and soul are tuned in at the same frequency. If either of them stays out of tune, happiness will not stay there for long.

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Image by kbt1016 from Pixabay

  • Perceiving: It seems small and insignificant, but it is rather a very effective tool to implement when working towards a happier mindset. It acts as a fulcrum for life and so the happiness.

 I have heard lot of people who say that if you want to feel happy, just be happy; but it did not convince me. I asked them to elaborate and their answer was the same again “Just be happy.”

Every time people come across this question, they blurt out the same robotic answer; a fact which left me with a major conclusion, “All of us  are pretending to be happy…but… in reality, no one is actually happy.”

So, giving in to my curiosity and the wish to make sure that I don’t fall prey to this trap of ‘Pretentious Happiness’, I decided to implement some ways, which, according to me, will help me to build a truly happier mindset….

I was in the middle of the day and started perceiving that “I am happy” irrespective of the material gains or possessions. I started doing it, I started to look for happier people and faces around me, tried smiling genuine and unconditional smiles. And I must say, that although it doesn’t sound like a huge feat in my pursuit, but it had a major impact in my day, I genuinely felt happier.

But, when I tried to inculcate this habit further, I ran across a major road block…Often, when we try to work on such abstract ideas, our minds often questions it, asking us regarding the practical and logical aspects of it! And, not to mention, here too, my mind pulled me back, deeming this feat to be wastage of time. Well, If I may, I must warn you here. This is your defense mechanism, playing tricks on you! Living in a world as fast-paced as ours, we are too habitual to sadness, hence, whenever we try to act otherwise, our mind tries to deceive us into believing that it’s not something normal or worthwhile!
So, I took a deep breathe and continued in my quest to be happy , unconditionally!






Journey of miles with nothingness

Life is in an auto mode and we try to control it. I see,observe around and find that almost every person is worried and spending precious life in acquiring duplicate things,those have no value in the journey of life. When an infant takes birth and starts learning cognitively,observes that every one is talking about material possession. For every thing to achieve material possession is considered apparently

Everyone around him is quoting an example of the person having more material possession and this way he understands the concept of life is “possession of material things” and that is the major glitch a person understands. This way it has become fashion for the society to have more and this act of achieving something more leads to stress and finally a bag full of stress, which does not allow you to enjoy your life.

We are not here to collect things; to prove our possession over them and to announce our-self as a billionaire, no not at all; rather we’re here to enjoy them with vigor of life.

We’re in the journey of life since long and every time we wish for possession and that makes our life dull.” Life is not at all a race for achieving material things, it is actually a journey of miles where you have to achieve nothing and enjoy everything.

Enjoy everything which comes your way and do not worry for material things,ignore them;once you’ll do this, material things will start coming your way to prove their existence.

Enjoy the journey of life where everything exists with nothing.





Raising Standards

What do you earn standards or Money ?

Since ancient time human being is searching physical matter present on the Earth,exploring every corner of it. I am surprised whatever shines and produces glittering effect has been assigned value by us.

To acquire that shiny object race started somewhere in the past.Acquiring of this material has given birth to tribes,territories and trade.Various colonies had started fighting with each other,captured areas to prove their powers. Those who were able to acquire more were called king and queen. It may be bit wacky but true from here the story of success and failure started.

Since then till today who is acquiring more is successful and treated well by the society. I am putting you in different paradigm and its name is ” Life only paradigm”.

What this “Life only Paradigm”?


We desired life with the perspective of; to enjoy each and everything available on Earth and universe. We’ve been given limited powers to enjoy everything and the important point was while enjoying all these do not wish for them rather raise your standards to have unlimited powers if you wish to enjoy infinity. But shimmering of physical matter has captured us in the cage of illusion and now it is very tough to come out of this.

Raising standards can help us to come out of these illusion cages,I am going to share with you the very secret method for raising standards.

How to raise your standards?

  • If anything attracts you more think before acting, whether it will give you life or  illusion cage.
  • Do not go by majority, I mean to say if most of the people are saying something which does not match your decision do not worry,sometime majority may be wrong.
  • Explore yourself,I mean to say find what do you want to do actually.
  • Upgrade yourself daily in terms of the way you communicate,project yourself and health.
  • Practice happiness irrespective of your mood swings.
  • Curb the habit of criticizing yourself.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and environment.
  • Plan something exciting everyday.

Raising standards does not need money, luxury rather it needs positive perspective for yourself.



‘Incorporate’ instead of ‘acquiring’!


Never try to find the depth of the questions propounded by life,because the moment we find the answers to the questions,life changes it’s question.Result,we are again at square one.The objective of sharing this thought is just  to tell you that we are in a game called “The Coil of Life”.

This coil coils anticlockwise and we are trying to find everything clockwise.This thought sprouted in my mind with the question that why every beautiful thing in this universe has different symmetry as compare to clock.Life is an enthralling journey and almost every-time we try to decode the reaction of the action performed instantly.


Let me add here, it is not at all mandatory that whatever action we are performing it’s reaction will be visible instantly, it may be visible even after centuries and sometime future generations can see the reaction; not us.With this thought, we can incorporate new energy in our life and can comprehend that our action is fruitful irrespective of the reaction seen by us or not. Even a single thought generated by our mind has an effect on the universe and it generates reaction. To see that reaction we need meta vision we can not see the meta reaction with simple vision.

gateLet me tell you we all are living in simulation,it can be comprehended in a way that we all are living in parallel universe and everything around including us has infinite dimensions.Here to add for your reference is that,”More the dimensions,more the power.” This is what every one of us is searching silently.

We all are working hard to incorporate the power within us. When we fail to incorporate this internally . Then we start accumulating it externally by acquiring the external resources.With that passage of time we have forgotten the way of incorporating the power within us. We all have started the race of acquiring resources externally to become powerful.


Now it has become the pattern of the society, if someone acquires more feels happy and if not feels sad.

In the end I would want to add here that if you want to be happy incorporate the power internally instead of acquiring externally.


Your Wings,Your Flight

A new-born arrives on this earth with the hope that he will change and conquer the world.Unfortunately it does not happen and he starts fighting back with the whole world to accomplish his desires.During this fight he forgets that his thoughts are getting contaminated.He forgets that when he was born his brain was like a plain paper and that paper has now been covered with the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.


He has been taught the theory of possible and impossible and his brain starts following all these things unconsciously and forgets his own objective of life.He forgets that he has certain special talent which was a bliss by universe for doing the good for needful.This way he becomes blind follower of the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.

He becomes use to all these shields up-to extreme and feels afraid to cross or think beyond them. He thinks if he will cross these belief,principles,thoughts and systems,society will reject him. This way a kingdom of superstition starts establishing itself in this world. Kingdom of superstition gives birth to false perceptions and approaches which leads to insecurity and failure.

How to overrule the Kingdom of Superstition:

  • Listen others without perceptions: Usually we like to listen which we wish to,this way we distort virginity of thoughts of speaker.We should listen to the speaker beyond the shield of beliefs,principles,thoughts and systems.
  • Do not stifle your thoughts: It may seem bit bizarre but it is true that society  likes domination too and restricts us to adopt innovations.
  • Listen your brain : Majority of us do not listen our brain because we have noise of perception in our brain.

We all have been blessed equally by universe to explore.Hence always remember this ” In Life, you’ve your wings hence take your flight.”