How To Be Happy And Enjoy Life…

You can worry for material things if you were born along with them. I am absolutely sure, I was not. Material things are hurdles to happiness in our life. If you think you are here for just earning money and basking in luxury, then you are deceiving yourself. Self-deception leads to sadness.

When I was a kid, every time I used to come across a sad face, I always wondered, “why is he serious, why doesn’t he smile?” These questions always bothered me.

With time, I understood that majority of us are fighting with ourselves. No other person is responsible for snatching our happiness. We are forcing ourselves every day to neglect this precious gift of life.

Before going deep into the thought, let me define happiness.

Happiness is a stage where heart, brain and soul are tuned in at the same frequency. If either of them stays out of tune, happiness will not stay there for long.

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  • Perceiving: It seems small and insignificant, but it is rather a very effective tool to implement when working towards a happier mindset. It acts as a fulcrum for life and so the happiness.

 I have heard lot of people who say that if you want to feel happy, just be happy; but it did not convince me. I asked them to elaborate and their answer was the same again “Just be happy.”

Every time people come across this question, they blurt out the same robotic answer; a fact which left me with a major conclusion, “All of us  are pretending to be happy…but… in reality, no one is actually happy.”

So, giving in to my curiosity and the wish to make sure that I don’t fall prey to this trap of ‘Pretentious Happiness’, I decided to implement some ways, which, according to me, will help me to build a truly happier mindset….

I was in the middle of the day and started perceiving that “I am happy” irrespective of the material gains or possessions. I started doing it, I started to look for happier people and faces around me, tried smiling genuine and unconditional smiles. And I must say, that although it doesn’t sound like a huge feat in my pursuit, but it had a major impact in my day, I genuinely felt happier.

But, when I tried to inculcate this habit further, I ran across a major road block…Often, when we try to work on such abstract ideas, our minds often questions it, asking us regarding the practical and logical aspects of it! And, not to mention, here too, my mind pulled me back, deeming this feat to be wastage of time. Well, If I may, I must warn you here. This is your defense mechanism, playing tricks on you! Living in a world as fast-paced as ours, we are too habitual to sadness, hence, whenever we try to act otherwise, our mind tries to deceive us into believing that it’s not something normal or worthwhile!
So, I took a deep breathe and continued in my quest to be happy , unconditionally!






Quote Of The Day



Rajesh’s quotes

“The whole universe is alien, our desires make it familiar.”— Rajesh Walecha

Never Forget

Every thing is fading away starting from drop of water to solid every day,every moment.We the human beings are trying to stop this inevitable and unbeatable flow which causes stress and other hormonal imbalance in  church of soul which is known as body.

To live healthily,happily and blissfully we should live with the flow of life.Whatever is happening around us let it happen,do not try to control it,Because we can not compete with the power of universe.

If we want to change something in this universe ,we can change our inner self.The entire universe exists within us.If we will try to find something out of us,we will be lost,because there exist only infinity.

We are not the universe,we are the part of universe.We have no contribution in any of the universal processes like days,nights are happening on their own.Rivers are flowing naturally,seas are producing tides on their own.When all these giant forces are controlled by universe then how we can count our-self as an autonomous specie.

Then what for we are here in this Universe.

 Sun is for shining.

Clouds are for raining.

Earth is for feeding all living creatures.

We are here to live happily irrespective of the situations.

Majority of people feel afraid of tough situations and try to run away from them.Tough situations are good teachers appointed by universe for us.Never run away from tough situations otherwise you will be the owner of flawed empire.

Imagine happiness even in tough situations  and receive it always.We can always find better than what we imagine.Think,imagine and conceive happiness surely it will take birth in your life.

As everything is fading away with the passage of time,everything means everything starting from living to non living things,but that does not mean that complexities are not erupting.There is no doubt that complexities are also fading away with the power of time but their birth is also a continuous process.

“Never Forget complexities and happiness are twin aspects of life.Live with them with love.”-Rajesh Walecha


Are you really free?

Merely saying the word “Freedom” does not make us free.We all are living in the lockup of thoughts.

If you want to live free then leave the thoughts’ tree.

We all are in a grip of thoughts.I am sure this is giving you little bit of uncanny feelings,but this is true.

Thoughts are not actually lockup basically they are flow of universal energy.They become lockup when we cling to them and start flowing with them.

We can feel free  and call our-self a free individual, when we are not affected by our thoughts.

We usually live our life in the shadow of thoughts and even do not try to decode them.

When we wake up in the morning we feel enthusiastic,happy and prosperous,but the moment brain initiates thought process we decide the type of day and life we’ll have ahead.This is what which is happening with every individual in this world.No matter,how rich or poor the person is but he is infected with thoughts’ lockup.

How to free ourselves from the lockup of thoughts.

This is not an easy process to make our-self free from the lockup of thoughts but it is not impossible.

  • The first important step to make yourself free is to whack all the fears,because you are here to live for not to die for.
  • Whenever any negative thought comes to your mind do not cling to it,let it go.
  • Feel you are a king of your individuality hence live like king.
  • Avoid social pressures.
  • Leave the mindset of “What others will say”.
  • Tell yourself everyday that you are a free bird.
  • Learn wisdom.

Break the walls of thoughts and make yourself free and live like king.

Convergence of Imagination and Reality

What if — things emerge in front of you the moment you think and imagine about them.I’m sure  it’ll be just like trinket for everyone and anyone.Initially it seems bit uncanny and impossible.What I have realized it is happening with everyone almost everyday.

I’m sure you’re not ready to believe it,I was also having the same opinion,but one day while I was on the way to my work,during the journey what I’ve apprehended that whatever we can imagine that can turn into reality.My brain said,It is not possible people will not believe it,forget it”.I felt like as my heart,brain and me are fighting,because my heart was voting for me that it is possible.Brain was saying no,it is not possible.

Me and my heart were trying to convince brain that it is possible, Spontaneously one thought  blinked in me and started interrogating brain like okay tell me why you ask us to distract you from negative thoughts when they try to cling you.Brain was speechless for a while and said,Because I’m afraid of them,they can turn real.

Heart advocated that thought of mine and said, “Ha! Mr.Brain here you are,this is what we are trying to persuade you, that whatever you  imagine that can become real some time instantly and some time slowly.”

As we all know brain wants logic for every thing to be agreed upon.Hence My brain  propounded a thought to me and my heart,okay show me some real example.My heart and me got skeptical for a while,but turned confident immediately that it is possible.My heart said to me,”It is your turn to prove it.”.I have accepted the challenge.

I’ve planned to experiment it on a some small thought and being an author started thinking in my subconscious mind that “I am thinking a beautiful Silver color pen in my brain and now it should turn real and come in my hands immediately”.

I’ve decided to deceit my brain because I was aware that the moment I’ll show my desperation for the thing my brain will not attract rather repel it. Hence in my subconscious mind I’ve started thinking that already I’ve so many pens,so what I’ll do with one more pen. In this war of thoughts one complete day has passed and I’ve reached home in the evening and was thinking that my strategy has not worked and same was the opinion of my heart.We were bit afraid that now brain will make fun of us.But I was sure about my thought that it will work hence was telling my heart that still day is not over.

Period in-between my  wife called me for evening tea.I filled up with gratitude as it was leisure time.While we were enjoying our tea,my wife told me that she has surprise for me.I asked her excitedly,Surprise ! but for what.She answered,just for the sake of our happiness.I asked what is the surprise,she has handed over a very beautiful small box wrapped in shiny colored paper.

I asked for permission to open that small box.She permitted and said,yes ! you can open it right now.I have started opening the box in just simple but happy mood,but after opening it what I saw was incredible,the gift inside the box was a branded and beautiful Silver color pen and it was exactly matching my imagination.Firstly, I felt goose bump and then I burst into aloud happiness.

  This way I’ve learned and started believing in convergence of imagination and reality.

 “Imagine reality,reality will imagine you”.-Rajesh Walecha

Are You Existing Or Living ?

Every one says, “Life is to live for”,but how to live your life where every moment seems to be magical is a big question.

What I understand by looking into the trend and pattern of living that people are existing instead of living.

Are you existing or Living? I know this question will shake your thoughts.I was sitting in front of TV and was eating my lasagna,suddenly a thought blinked in my mind that are we existing for living or living for existing?This thought has shaken me a bit.

Just to know the answer of this thought,I jumped from my chair and stood in front of the mirror and raised this question to myself like this Am I existing for living or living for existing?I met myself sincerely in my mirror and had seen the wise expressions along-with intellectual enthusiasm of a scholar.I felt like as my mirror is saying before getting deep into this thought; differentiate the two terms living and existing.

Existing is something like as you are sitting in a car which is driven by someone else.Whereas Living is like as you are driving the car.

Similarly in our life if life is treating us the way life wants is called existing.If we are carving our life the way we want  is called living.

If Imagination,Wish,Luxury and Leisure achieved↔ Living

If You are chasing Imagination,Wish,Luxury and Leisure ↔ Existing

If you imagine,wish for small luxury and leisure then you’ll be able to turn your existence into life and that will be the magical moment of your life.

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