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Rajesh’s quotes

“The whole universe is alien, our desires make it familiar.”— Rajesh Walecha


Journey of miles with nothingness

Life is in an auto mode and we try to control it. I see,observe around and find that almost every person is worried and spending precious life in acquiring duplicate things,those have no value in the journey of life. When an infant takes birth and starts learning cognitively,observes that every one is talking about material possession. For every thing to achieve material possession is considered apparently important.baby

Everyone around him is quoting an example of the person having more material possession and this way he understands the concept of life is “possession of material things” and that is the major glitch a person understands. This way it has become fashion for the society to have more and this act of achieving something more leads to stress and finally a bag full of stress, which does not allow you to enjoy your life.

We are not here to collect things; to prove our possession over them and to announce our-self as a billionaire, no not at all; rather we’re here to enjoy them with vigor of life.

We’re in the journey of life since long and every time we wish for possession and that makes our life dull.” Life is not at all a race for achieving material things, it is actually a journey of miles where you have to achieve nothing and enjoy everything.

Enjoy everything which comes your way and do not worry for material things,ignore them;once you’ll do this, material things will start coming your way to prove their existence.

Enjoy the journey of life where everything exists with nothing.






We all want power to dominate and that is the only criteria defined by the society to prove anyone successful.But this looks bizarre that society approves success only for those who have material possession. We are here to enjoy,cherish and to live our life happily,but strange no one believe this. Everyone is worried why because others are busy in earning materials.

It is uncanny but true that  if we are in stress and comparing our-self with others that means we are allowing others to hack our life and so the mental piece. Okay ! If you do not believe this; just think for a while silently that who is bothering you the most either others or yourself. I am sure latter will be your answer.

We all are struggling hard for material gains and spending our real power which is life whereas we are not using our inherent powers.We have been gifted with infinite internal powers and these powers are equally available to all of us but strange we do not use them.

Let me substantiate it like this, let us say we all have a beautiful luxury car instead of driving the car if we start pushing that car, will you feel happy?.Second situation is that we are enjoying the drive of the car and enjoying all the luxury available in the car. Similarly life is also a luxury vehicle which has all the facilities inside it for you to be happy.

Hence drive your life with internal infinite powers instead of pushing it hard to attain external powers.Because internal power is real which gives happiness and external power is illusion which gives stress.

You are beautiful and happy from inside hence enjoy your beauty with happiness.

Shower !!!

I am waiting for it,I have joined body to attain this.I want to dance like peacock.I want you to bring it for me.Why are you looking around,I am talking to you.I am your soul.Feeling flabbergasted!Hey ! But this is reality.Our soul searches only happiness.

Do you bring it to her,if not yet,make it a habit to bring happiness to her. Now the biggest challenges is; how to be happy? Everyone is searching happiness across the globe.

How to be happy ?

  • Serve the humanity.
  • Feel happy when you have work.
  • Feel happy when you are relaxed.
  • Serve all living creatures.
  • Serve food to hungry.
  • Love Flora and Fauna.
  • Dance whenever you feel happy.
  • Try to spread happiness.
  • Feel happy in the happiness of others.
  • Love Dawn and Dusk.
  • Remember your soul wants it.
  • Drop yourself to happiness.
  • Take shower of happiness everyday.

Universe is showering happiness on everyone equally.Happiness is your right,enjoy it.

Stop Chasing,Start Attracting

I am not your kitty,you can not get me.If you can get me then you can not hold me,preserve me and if you can do so then you can not feel balanced at all.That is my open challenge to you.Let me assure you if you try chase me then I’ll make you old at the earliest and will welcome you in the club of diseases.

I am sure you are yelling on me for “Where is the inspiration in it?”You are annoyed at me and I am very much sure about it.

Imagine when only thought of this type can make you annoyed what about the reality when you will chase that thing which can make you old and diseased.I ask you would you like to chase that thing which is mother of age and disease? I am sure no.

Recall your childhood,wasn’t it free from all the stuff like worry,stress and chasing etc.If so weren’t you happy at that point of time.You were worry-less,stress-less and of course happy.You’d be thinking what that thing is which can make you old and diseased at a fast rate.

Let me tell you what that thing is; You ,me and everyone in the world is chasing only one thing and that is money.It has different names in different countries.I am sure you can not deny this fact.

I’ll suggest instead of chasing money,attract it.

Chasing is when you get attracted towards anything and attracting is when someone chases you.

Principles to Attract Money:

  • Feel free if you have it or not.
  • Develop rich life style attitude.
  • Don’t worry if you lose it.
  • Don’t excite if you earn it.
  • Carry yourself with respect.
  • Think richness in your subconscious mind.
  • Love everyone around you.
  • Enjoy everyone’s success.

Attract it and enjoy it.


“If you are happy then you’ll see whole world is happy and your happiness depends on your deeds.We create our world through our deeds.Good deeds give good results and bad deeds give bad result.

We not only create our present life through our deeds rather we create the next life through our present deeds.

Have you ever worked on your deeds to understand your life graph.Our deeds drive our life but usually we ponder upon them after execution.This makes our life complex.

Draw your deeds’ map and live your life happily.



Never Forget

Every thing is fading away starting from drop of water to solid every day,every moment.We the human beings are trying to stop this inevitable and unbeatable flow which causes stress and other hormonal imbalance in  church of soul which is known as body.

To live healthily,happily and blissfully we should live with the flow of life.Whatever is happening around us let it happen,do not try to control it,Because we can not compete with the power of universe.

If we want to change something in this universe ,we can change our inner self.The entire universe exists within us.If we will try to find something out of us,we will be lost,because there exist only infinity.

We are not the universe,we are the part of universe.We have no contribution in any of the universal processes like days,nights are happening on their own.Rivers are flowing naturally,seas are producing tides on their own.When all these giant forces are controlled by universe then how we can count our-self as an autonomous specie.

Then what for we are here in this Universe.

 Sun is for shining.

Clouds are for raining.

Earth is for feeding all living creatures.

We are here to live happily irrespective of the situations.

Majority of people feel afraid of tough situations and try to run away from them.Tough situations are good teachers appointed by universe for us.Never run away from tough situations otherwise you will be the owner of flawed empire.

Imagine happiness even in tough situations  and receive it always.We can always find better than what we imagine.Think,imagine and conceive happiness surely it will take birth in your life.

As everything is fading away with the passage of time,everything means everything starting from living to non living things,but that does not mean that complexities are not erupting.There is no doubt that complexities are also fading away with the power of time but their birth is also a continuous process.

“Never Forget complexities and happiness are twin aspects of life.Live with them with love.”-Rajesh Walecha