How To Be Happy And Enjoy Life…

You can worry for material things if you were born along with them. I am absolutely sure, I was not. Material things are hurdles to happiness in our life. If you think you are here for just earning money and basking in luxury, then you are deceiving yourself. Self-deception leads to sadness.

When I was a kid, every time I used to come across a sad face, I always wondered, “why is he serious, why doesn’t he smile?” These questions always bothered me.

With time, I understood that majority of us are fighting with ourselves. No other person is responsible for snatching our happiness. We are forcing ourselves every day to neglect this precious gift of life.

Before going deep into the thought, let me define happiness.

Happiness is a stage where heart, brain and soul are tuned in at the same frequency. If either of them stays out of tune, happiness will not stay there for long.

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  • Perceiving: It seems small and insignificant, but it is rather a very effective tool to implement when working towards a happier mindset. It acts as a fulcrum for life and so the happiness.

 I have heard lot of people who say that if you want to feel happy, just be happy; but it did not convince me. I asked them to elaborate and their answer was the same again “Just be happy.”

Every time people come across this question, they blurt out the same robotic answer; a fact which left me with a major conclusion, “All of us  are pretending to be happy…but… in reality, no one is actually happy.”

So, giving in to my curiosity and the wish to make sure that I don’t fall prey to this trap of ‘Pretentious Happiness’, I decided to implement some ways, which, according to me, will help me to build a truly happier mindset….

I was in the middle of the day and started perceiving that “I am happy” irrespective of the material gains or possessions. I started doing it, I started to look for happier people and faces around me, tried smiling genuine and unconditional smiles. And I must say, that although it doesn’t sound like a huge feat in my pursuit, but it had a major impact in my day, I genuinely felt happier.

But, when I tried to inculcate this habit further, I ran across a major road block…Often, when we try to work on such abstract ideas, our minds often questions it, asking us regarding the practical and logical aspects of it! And, not to mention, here too, my mind pulled me back, deeming this feat to be wastage of time. Well, If I may, I must warn you here. This is your defense mechanism, playing tricks on you! Living in a world as fast-paced as ours, we are too habitual to sadness, hence, whenever we try to act otherwise, our mind tries to deceive us into believing that it’s not something normal or worthwhile!
So, I took a deep breathe and continued in my quest to be happy , unconditionally!






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Rajesh’s quotes

“The whole universe is alien, our desires make it familiar.”— Rajesh Walecha

Mechanical Man

Generally people can be seen bashing hard as and when they see,observe and find that somebody is behaving without emotions.People across the globe feel that unprecedented exposure to technology is making them more reactive and less proactive emotionally.It’s disruptive and perhaps may prove traumatic later.   

We are biological robots full of emotions created by “Superpower”.We are called human beings because we have emotions inside.Emotions are conscious know-how exemplified by brain.

We’ve developed mechanical robots which do not have emotions at all;Eminent scientists are trying hard to imbibe emotions into these robots,but unfortunately they’ve not succeeded yet.On the other side these mechanical robots have succeeded to take emotions out of human being.  

Now question arises why I am talking about this and what is the role of emotions in inspiration,before going deep into it,let me tell you about emotions.“Emotions are cognizant experiences exemplified by powerful mental action and they are complex in nature.Emotions are expression of nervous system and our nervous system exude good emotions when it is not hacked by external situations and gadgets.

As emotions are complex in nature and result in physical and psychological changes and this sways our behavior.That means emotions are linked with our behavior propensity. Good emotions lead to better behavior,which ultimately raise our confidence and inspirational level.Till the time we build our relations on the basis of emotions;we feel strength of our relations.   

But with the advent of machines and robots,our emotions have reached at the level of extinction,or almost extinct.Perhaps most of us do not feel strong bonds of emotions between our relations and the one very prominent reason for this is adoption of machines in our life.No doubt machines are helping us up-to great extent but the cost of hiring machines in our life is “Emotions”.There is a need to maintain balance between machines and emotions otherwise one day we’ll be dominated by artificial intelligence and will be biological robots lacking emotions.

To preserve our emotions we have to deal carefully with artificial intelligence.