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“If words are power then silence is superpower.”— Rajesh Walecha



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Un-box the new day…

Wow! This new day is embedded with new hopes, very attractive and slim looks, full of promises and bright future.This new day has competed twelve dark hours to reach you. Do not take it for granted and do not waste it by just counting  as a day. It is a beautiful gift from the Universe.

When dew drops shower its beauty your way

When green grass holds it like diamond

When birds chirp and plants creep

It’s not the time to sleep

Wake up because life is knocking your gate

Get up and go out universe is pouring new day


How to un-box the new day


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Show your gratitude to the new day.

Welcome it with new and bright hope.

Embrace it with new and positive thoughts.

Always remember it is unique to you and your life.


Have a great ‘NEW DAY

Your Mind is my face…

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When you come to me I feel happy.You expect me to tell about you I feel very happy.But I become sad when you over-expect out of me,because I can not lie.

What is in your mind that is on my face.

I only can show what you have in your mind. I’ve been blessed exponential powers by my ancestors.Whatever mind you will bring to me I will increase that exponentially.If you’ll come to me with sad mind,I’ll show the same to you and it will keep on increasing exponentially until you do not execute next act.If you’ll come to me with happy mind,I’ll increase it exponentially till you do not execute next act.I am going to share one secret with you.In our world it is said that if one is happy then only he should come to us.If one is sad he should not come to us.That is the reason…

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Quote of the day…

Rajesh’s quotes

“Though we’ve advanced in science but the ultimate truth has yet not been discovered. Hence question of intelligence quotient does not arise.”— Rajesh Walecha



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We desire,define and demand.When we do all this our wish has to traverse through many dimensions. If our desire is full of strength and can cross all the dimensions,it gets fulfilled. If not so, then remains unfulfilled. This is the reason, usually people say keep doing one day you’ll achieve your goal.

Let me tell you we are living in a knitted matrix of at least sixteen dimensions lattice and we are originally very powerful at sixteenth dimension and can achieve whatever we want and at this dimension our energy is very pure hence question of bad desires does not arise.


Actually on Earth we can see three dimensions of ours and perform up-to the extent of three dimensions.Hence our energy and powers get limited and whenever we’re able to connect with our original lattice of sixteen dimensions,we feel powerful,happy and  rejoice sense of accomplishment.

I know this is hard to…

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The Battle For Dominance

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We all are aspired to dominate,one way or the other we wish to dominate.This urge of domination leads to comparison and stress.


This is surprising why we wish to dominate, whereas we do not know the beginning and end of the universe.Nothing is in our control, when I’m saying nothing means nothing.If you’re not convinced just tell me can we control day and night,dusk and dawn,winter and summer? Forget this, can we control our age, our mind,our heart?When we can not control any damn thing then how can we plan to dominate.


I’ve one secret to share with you, our holy universe asks us every-morning,what do you want my child?Instead of asking for good things we start running on endless road and think this way we can control the whole world and universe keeps calling on our back just like our mother; whatever you want is there in my hand…

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Quote Of The Day…

Rajesh’s quotes

“Strive like a seed to grow”— Rajesh Walecha


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