Everyone is exploring life.Some are exploring to have more and more from it and some are exploring to know more and more from it. Both the acts lead to accumulation aren’t they? Almost everyone around the globe think,plan and act to accumulate more.Everyone is working hard and applying new strategies everyday to have more.

The act of accumulating things in terms of money and knowledge is merely a deception. We deceive our mind by doing so and think that we are successful in life because we have accumulated more.We all are in a race of accumulation aren’t we?Does success really mean accumulation of money and knowledge? It’s a big question and may force many to ponder upon.

What I think accumulation of money and knowledge is conditioning of wallet and brain as per existing norms of the society.

I am presenting a different version of life to you.In real, life is not about accumulation rather it is about dissipation and distribution.More you distribute more successful you’ll feel.He who gives is respected and worshiped across the universe.

Life will give you more if you’ll distribute more.Let’s talk is working hard to distribute inspiration across the globe to make people feel happy in their life.


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Dance with Life…

Is life so complex that we’re feeling stressed? Is it too tough to feel happy? Are we here to capture the Earth? Have we been delegated the responsibility to earn for our future generations? Were we told while taking birth that until you’ll not prove your intelligence you’ll not be able to feel happy? Were we born with gunny bags and told to fill those bags with earthly collections to come back.

Ha… sounds bizarre but true, this is what we keep on doing and worrying all the time.

The objective of life is not at all selection and collection to prove your worth. The concept of life is ‘Take it easy even in tough situations too’

Is it so complex that we’re feeling stressed? 

Life is very easy when we take it easy,we feel stressed when we have fear of losing something. Let me tell you we are gaining every-time in life.We are not losing anything.

Is it too tough to feel happy?

Feeling happy is very easy,just we have to tickle our heart. Nature has adorned our surroundings just to feel happy.

Are we here to capture the Earth?

We are not here to capture Earth and Earthly material. We are here to enjoy. We have been gifted life by God just to enjoy every good thing around us.


Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay 

 Remember we are watching everything happening around us through machine known as body. We are sitting inside this body machine and watching the whole process through two windows named ‘Eyes’.

Control of this body machine is not in our hand,we are just blessed with free ride through this body machine.

Enjoy your ride and dance happily with life.


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