Un-box the new day…

Wow! This new day is embedded with new hopes, very attractive and slim looks, full of promises and bright future.This new day has competed twelve dark hours to reach you. Do not take it for granted and do not waste it by just counting  as a day. It is a beautiful gift from the Universe.

When dew drops shower its beauty your way

When green grass holds it like diamond

When birds chirp and plants creep

It’s not the time to sleep

Wake up because life is knocking your gate

Get up and go out universe is pouring new day


How to un-box the new day


Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay 

Show your gratitude to the new day.

Welcome it with new and bright hope.

Embrace it with new and positive thoughts.

Always remember it is unique to you and your life.


Have a great ‘NEW DAY


Happiness in Archive…


||I'm progressing,says the world
Trying to look stunning for the world
Moving across the path of time
Molding the truth and trying to shine||

||I do not know the origin of the Earth
Pushing self to catch-hold as everything is mine
World is so soft, giving everything for which I'm trying||

||I do not see,what others are facing
I always see,either I'm racing or not racing
I always forget, I am crossing the brook of time
I always forget, life is a treble
In the end it'll bring me sand and pebbles||

||Still it mesmerizes me called the gain
I forget and avoid every pain
Parallel universe calls it crazy
I call it success,if not achieved,world will call me lazy||

||I forget that kiss of birth is success
I am not a phoenix who'll regenerate from ashes
I forget that I'm trying to earn the name and fame
Both are not mine,whereas are the world's game||

||I know, I'm marching blindly
trying to attain that world called success
No doubt I've registered and will achieve
But why I am putting my happiness in archive|| © Rajesh Walecha

Image by Prawny on Pixabay




Rajesh’s quotes

“Beauty is not beauty unless it is framed;life is not life unless it is lived happily!”— Rajesh Walecha


Truth Decoded…

I visited a garden along-with my parents and granny when I was a kid,they showed me some beautiful lilies in the garden. Next day, when I went there with my granny, the lilies were not there. I was a bit baffled and was pondering upon; “Were my parents lying?” If not, then where are those lilies. Was that an illusion? I asked my granny,”Was that an illusion?” She said, “No,that was true, lilies were there!”

What is truth ?truth

A very deep question indeed, I asked this question to people around me and across the world and got various responses.

 There was one very bizarre response – ‘He who wins is truth’ but I was not satisfied with this answer, because sometimes demon also wins.

Now my point is

If life is truth; what is death?

If Mountains are truth; what are valleys?

If roads are truth; what are dead ends?

If Universe is truth; what is infinity?

If fire is truth; what is water?

If pleasure is truth; what is pain?

If beauty is truth; what is ugliness?

If success is truth;what is failure?

If ‘what is’ is truth; what is ‘what is not’?

Of course the simple answer to all above questions is they are also truth. But it does not end here, if death, valleys, dead ends, infinity, water, pain and ugliness are truth then why we’re scared from them.On the contrary if Life, Mountains, Roads, Universe, Fire, pleasure, beauty and success are truth then why do they vanish! Truth can be substantiated on the basis of facts but the next question – Who has substantiated the facts? What is the accuracy of the facts which validates the accuracy of the facts?

||Truth is way of time
From where you and me transit
Truth is a holy light
Through which everything sparkles bright||

||Truth is a brook of birth
It washes the entire rook on the Earth.
Truth never differentiates
It vanishes everything it creates||

||Truth is never sweet
It reacts as you treat.
Shall I compare thee to life and death?
You’re there with me beyond wreath||

||There are millions of illusions and myths
Everything is not truth which exists
Truth is way of time
From where you and me transit||

||If you and me do not follow the web of rules
We cannot move and exit.
Truth runs off list of reasons
Its existence with precision||

©-Rajesh Walecha-

Truth Decoded ; I’m sure it may be surprising for some , but this is truth we all are the biological robots created by universe and whenever our holy energy gets aligned with the universe, truth takes birth and exists in harmony with it. We all biological robots follow that alignment, if someone detracts universe and biological robots’ energy that means he has transgressed the truth, will definitely be answerable to universe.

From  here the birth of actions (Karma) starts. Till the time equilibrium does not arise between the truth and actions a biological robot keep facing the challenges during his journey in the universe.    

Hence, whenever you’re doing some action or planning to do some action,if your universal energy does not permit for that particular action; stop yourself there otherwise you’ll transgress the truth and that’ll invite your accountability to the universe.

Truth is the alignment of biological energy with the universal energy-©Rajesh Walecha



Natural Resources !!

||We come from the heart of the Earth
  And sparkle out like Heaven
  We are not diamonds or any other forces||

||We the natural resources
  Act as hidden forces
  All you living creatures
  Cannot understand our sources||

||If you want to live more
  Never waste us and never ignore
  We are the enablers of life
  Without us, you will strife||

||You have generations only when
  till we are standing by you then
  You can have good grains
  When clouds throw good rains ||

||We the natural resources
  Act as hidden forces
  Do not waste us violently
  Our absence kills silently||  

||You are having nap
  When we are offering you our Lap
  This Earth is like a heaven
  If you will waste us
  Survival is impossible||

||We are giving shelter to animals
  For reason, that you can enjoy carnivals.
  We’ve bequeathed you continents
  To make us pertinent||

||We’ve given you oceans
  To keep you in motion
  We’ve created brooks
  Do not spoil and rook ||

||We the natural resources
  Act as hidden forces
  Butterflies have colors
  To enable you to identify pallor||

||We’ve given you light
  To make your future bright
  We’ve given you water
  Water is a potion
  It puts life in motion||

||Woods are not only trees
  They give you life for free
  Envisage your life without us
  How will you live and grow
  Life without trees will barricade
  How will you get oxygen for free||

||We the natural resources
  Act as hidden forces
  Though we set in night
  To make you rise in perfect light ||

||We have variations
  For your standardization
  We partake for life
  To make you inhabit and don’t strife||

||We resolute while in motion
  To avoid your commotion
  You should love, care and respect us
  You should work for our promotion||

||We the natural resources
  Act as hidden forces
  When you wake up 
  Life is rake up||

||Don’t take us for granted
  We can do whatever is wanted ||

||If you’ll waste us and ignore
  How’ll you get almonds, walnuts, and diamonds 
  How will you get sea shells on the sea-shore
  How will you teach your kids to run for more||

||We the natural resources are howling
  And developing the swirling storm inside
  Now this is you who have to take care
  Before the swirling storm comes outside|| 

||Don’t conceal your feelings
  Have determination and commitment
  You’ll love us and make us pertinent||

||Human being understands and pleads||nr

||Oh My God! Oh Thou Natural resources
  We respect thy hidden forces
  We promise on behalf of entire humanity
  We’ll love, care and respect thee” ||

 ©-Rajesh Walecha-