Happiness in Archive…


||I'm progressing,says the world
Trying to look stunning for the world
Moving across the path of time
Molding the truth and trying to shine||

||I do not know the origin of the Earth
Pushing self to catch-hold as everything is mine
World is so soft, giving everything for which I'm trying||

||I do not see,what others are facing
I always see,either I'm racing or not racing
I always forget, I am crossing the brook of time
I always forget, life is a treble
In the end it'll bring me sand and pebbles||

||Still it mesmerizes me called the gain
I forget and avoid every pain
Parallel universe calls it crazy
I call it success,if not achieved,world will call me lazy||

||I forget that kiss of birth is success
I am not a phoenix who'll regenerate from ashes
I forget that I'm trying to earn the name and fame
Both are not mine,whereas are the world's game||

||I know, I'm marching blindly
trying to attain that world called success
No doubt I've registered and will achieve
But why I am putting my happiness in archive|| © Rajesh Walecha

Image by Prawny on Pixabay




How to be unpopular in the ‘WHY ME’ world…

What will be your reaction if you enter the room; people sitting there tell you their rules for to live happily in that room like standing beside chair,looking outside the window and acting your way is not allowed.If you’ll not follow the rules you’ll not be lucky. What will you do?

Will you accept their rules?

Will you scream ” WHY ME?”

Will you innovate and make your standpoint a trend?

The Unconventional Guide to Heaven and Happiness…


Rajesh’s quotes

“Heaven is a place where everything is beautiful,life is full of comforts,where every good imagination exists in reality,where efforts are less and results are perfect.Heaven is a place where every creation of universe is taken care with utmost respect and love.Heaven is a place where love exists in the form of care not in the form of lust. Heaven is a place where language of love and care exists.”— Rajesh Walecha



Rajesh’s quotes

“Beauty is not beauty unless it is framed;life is not life unless it is lived happily!”— Rajesh Walecha


Why Dimensionless Reality will change your life…

Are you obsessed with reality? If it is so, I’d say you are not living your life fully. Of-course you’re amazed and I am absolutely sure about it. May I ask one question; though I am not a teacher but this questions will definitely take you to the other side of your thought process.

What is reality?

This question will definitely force you to ponder upon. Allow me to explain my version about reality.

Reality means the things, situations and thoughts which have dimensions,visual effects  and we can touch,see and feel them. If it is not so we do not count it as real. Things which do not have dimensions,visual effects; we call it either a dream or sometime Imagination and they can be converted into dimensions provided if we work on them regularly.


The secret is;imagination and dreaming are possible only when we become dimensionless,hence whenever we imagine and dream at that time our existence becomes dimensionless.

Make an imagination podium in your writing room and stand there with closed eyes, it will give you dimensionless realities. I have one in my writing room.

  • Do imagination exercise daily.
  • Try to imagine good things.
  • Explore different world which is real with infinite dimensions.
  • Surpass your senses.
  • Imagine as big as you can.
  • Instead working physically work with your frequency.
  • Use your brain energy.
  • Align brain with universe.
  • Never expect instant results.
  • Tuning with universe is the key.

Hence whatever you see,imagine and dream all is real just capture and convert them into reality.


We all are alone…

What would you do…If you were all alone on the Earth ?

Hoo! This has been a very tiring project but definitely a worthy one. I was fortunate to be able to learn lot many things along the way but one of them remarkably stood apart we all are living in a hypothetical world created by our own whims and fancies! Whenever life raises a question, we often tend to just chase a very subjective answer to that particular question and turn a blind eye towards many other beautiful learning that life must have offered us along the way.


Image Courtesy -pixabay.com

I’ve surveyed various professionals;the responses were amazing and most of the responses were substantiated fanatically.

I have tried to find out the real answer to this question.The responses were like this

Educationist : They’re interested in to search and innovations of new education system. They were excited to know if they’d be alone would get the chance to establish new method, search, research,discover and innovate.

Media Professionals: Were willing to dominate and would like to make and present things in their own way;while they were responding this way, I have reminded them you’d  be all alone and not in a group.The moment I knocked them they were speechless and some were scratching the skull.

Merchants: Were worried about their business but happy with monopoly they were going to enjoy over the resources available.Their response was like “They’d enjoy king style life and no worries around them.

Researchers: were happy with the vast availability of things to be researched with no interruption.When I reminded them about absence of tools required to research but that was not at affecting them because they were happy with the vast availability of the resources.

Some were excited to wander the world around while others were happy with their loneliness whereas destiny was the master for some.

But question ‘What would you do…If you were all alone on the Earth ?’ was still unaddressed; I was bit disappointed that what to do with it? How to find the answer to this tricky stuff? I decided to sip a cup of coffee and relax.While sipping coffee I have seen an unknown person was sitting beside me.I was in dilemma whether to ask the same question from him or not. Finally took a step, introduced myself to him and taken the permission for asking the same question.He permitted me to ask the question.

As usual I asked him, ‘What would you do…If you were all alone on the Earth ?’

He questioned me in reciprocation, ” Are you with someone on this Earth? I was surprised by his question, I requested him to please explain and the response was magnificent.”

He said , “We all are alone on this Earth. I interrupted in between and asked what about the crowd and population of the world around us.This is just an illusion”,he replied.

He said “Just go and ask  anyone you’ll find him all alone. You’ll find person with abundance and person without abundance is alone. If we talk about crowd then these are just puppets to market the carnival of life.”

I finished my coffee and said “Goodbye!” to him with gratitude.

While moving back to my home I was able to visualize that Yes, he was right we all are still alone on this Earth and can live our own aspirations with happiness.



What would you do…..

What would you do…If you were all alone on the Earth ?


All alone

Image courtesy -pixabay.com