The Ends Never End…

Time repeats itself, and life touches every digit of it. Life wants to keep this process continued. On the contrary, time needs new characters to reach its numbers. This way, time keeps running, and life continues, its wish to touch every digit of it.

Rajesh’s quotes

"I’ never vanishes, ‘Me’ never existed, and ‘Myself’ is an illusion."— Rajesh Walecha

Time’s regime has provided water, mountains, the Earth, and the Sky. Water is the mirror to the wild. We use it for hydration, mountains are sheltering to the wild we use them for food & fruits, the Earth is a shelter to reptiles we use its ore, and the sky is home to planets we explore it for more. Think over; is there any end to it.

The ends never meet even at the end.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured and Cover Image Courtesy:Image by Merlin Lightpainting from Pixabay

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