Those Parallel Lines…

The horizon is the biggest hallucination that persuades everyone to march towards it. This way, life becomes prey while chasing it.’

The Sun rises from here and sets there. I do not know, but those distant parallel lines are indeed controlling every move of the Universe. Who lives there; and commands the Sun to rise and set at a specified time for billion years. That is not it. Instead, once the Sunsets; It directs the Moon, the other beautiful shining ball, to rise.

This rise and set of different balls not only brings the tides in the ocean instead exorbitantly impacts every activity in this Universe. These two parallel lines surround from all around. Parallels never meet and of course persuade everyone to chase them by alluring that they possess everything of desire. They have learnt from the time zone at the infinity that how to appear perfectly poised.

” Chase The Happiness Not The Parallels, they perpetuate uncertainty.”

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured & Cover Image Courtesy :Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

13 thoughts on “Those Parallel Lines…

  1. Technical, mind-blowing engineering or is it that? and the spiritual
    This is said so beautiful
    🕊but those distant parallel lines are indeed controlling every move of the Universe. 🕊
    Perfectly poised
    They are not comparing
    Is this what you are saying?

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    1. Yes, you are right. They are not comparing instead presenting their picturesque side and campaigning to chase them for everything of desire. They never ever end instead become prominently parallel when chased. I am glad you like my work. Thank you so much for stopping by and investing valuable time!🎉🎉

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      1. Yes, you are welcome
        But thank you for developing the point
        We are beholden by the sunrise and the sunset, hence they as you so beautifully express, they become prominently parallell, and in between these lines resides our happiness.

        It is indeed my pleasure. Not to mention 🥂

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      2. My pleasure and I express gratitude to the Universe and you! “We are beholden by the sunrise and sunset.” Yes! That’s it. In between these two lines, we reside with our happiness ( the ultimate treasure we do have). But these two parallel lines try to rob our treasure. I am thankful to the Universe for tuning me with its frequency to elaborate these lines and working in synchronization to resonate my work with my fantabulous readers like you. Once again, thank you so much for these divine words and appreciation.🥂🎉

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      3. Je vous en prie Monsier

        Such a wonderful note of appreciation.
        It is both fascinating and inspiring to read how you are tuned in with the Universe. What a marveloue vibration and frequency to operate from so you can produce these wonder works.

        Your are most welcome and i feel honoured to read this piece. 🥂🕊🥂

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