Countless circles are orbiting. Weathering is pushing everything under metamorphosis, and different potions are nurturing the woods. We’ve been the residents of the earth are trying hard to master everything around us. The act of controlling things is not wrong. But when we master them to calm down our Ego, then; it becomes an act that is full of plight. We ought to master everything with condition less love. The Sun burns itself for enlightening the Universe, The Sea evaporates themselves to generate potion for the coming generations, The woods worship standing on their toes to bear fruits for the dependents, The air blows for every one of us unconditionally so on. So many things happen unconditionally.

When might is right
left becomes right
Grubs excavate the Earth with tight plight
The excavated Earth is used by termite
Whether it's the day or the night
The Universe sings it's song of life
The human being thinks it's his right
It's the game of the day and the night
But we don't know whether the day will follow the night
Hug everyone with love if you can
How does it matter whether he was wrong or right! ©Rajeshwalecha

||Love is love for everyone, by love, with love. Hence, love everyone and be happy always||


Featured Image Courtesy:Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay 

4 thoughts on “Game Of The Day And The Night…

    1. Thank you! The combination of hug and love generates happiness. Your divine words always inspire me for sincere writing for my adorable readers. Once again thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time!😊💎🎉

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