The Reality Of Reality…

Rajesh’s quotes

"The concept of reality may be real on the earth, but it cannot work with the death."— Rajesh Walecha

Lifeworks on the principles of ‘Form’ and ‘Time.’ Whereas death believes in the principles of ‘Formless’ and ‘Timeless.’ They are inverse of each other. We keep on dreaming all the time; to create new forms and get ourselves registered in the success register of the big society, which has been called world by our ancestors. I raise a point here, whatever reality we are creating today, will it exist forever? Will it be able to maintain its form with the flow of time tides? If so, then I will call it a reality. If no, then I would say we are expert enough in creating the illusionary reality. The reality is we are afraid of self-perceived values and keep on building the castle of fear around us. It further intensifies when we tell ourselves not to go out of our build castle of fear. We are scared of losing the form and trance of time zone.

Reality born, lives, flourish, and dies with us.

Reality does not exist outside; instead, it is within us and keeps changing its dimensions from ‘Form’ to ‘Formless’ and ‘Time’ to ‘Timeless’ after a defined period.

‘Form’ and ‘Formless’ exist together.

Be Happy with the ‘Form’ and act as a hero to become ‘Formless.’

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Jills from Pixabay 

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