There is a competition going on between the time and human to pass. If a human succeeds in pass the time comfortably, he feels blessed. On the other side, time passes human beings silently and doesn’t let them know about his passing. Time is life, do not pass it instead of start living every moment of it. If you succeed in doing so, express gratitude to the God of time for blessings of time to live on the planet.

Every morning the God of Time-“The Sun” starts its journey by sitting on the horses of green color and takes us to the ride of life to show us various sceneries of life. He visits to help us to enjoy variations on the planet to the extent we can see. He gives us the message through the chirping of birds to wake up and only enjoy, but unfortunately, we start counting the minutes to plan the unworthy deeds, which have no meaning in front of life- the precious blessing of God.

Always Remember :

Rajesh’s quotes

"Planning can help you to grow fields not forests."— Rajesh Walecha

We are the puppets of time, we can be governed and instructed, but can not instruct and govern. Hence, be happy always.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Alfred Koop from Pixabay 

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