Life gives us roses every moment, but unfortunately, we count thorns with them. I know it is impossible to defocus the problems, but the question is why we always focus upon them. Problems are imaginary mental blocks. Life is a project which ought to be self-created, but a glitch happens when we listen and follow others’ approaches.

Retrospect the past of human civilization, and you will find those who had heard themselves were more successful. Respecting others should be the priority, but respecting self ought to be the priority. The beautiful creation of the Universe exists in the mirror, go there and talk to him right now.

We all are trained horses and are not allowed to see beyond the curtains of limits stitched by society. Nature continuously adapts the wild approach to give birth to new life, and the tricky people are afraid of this wildness; hence they train the newborn life as per their perspective.

Remember, the kingship is always attained by the wild approach, whether in the jungle or in the… Civilizations are the approach of the Kings’ perspective to retain their kingship. At the same time, wildness is the approach of life to make you a king. Be wildly civilized because you are a king.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: adege from Pixabay

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