I have raised my arms towards the sky and started saying. I am a creator and have the power to change my attire with the power of my imagination. I need not dial a number to get connected to people, was having the ability to connect everyone through inner strengths. I can even speak to them and can listen to what they are saying. I have immense powers to control anything or everything. I can blow winds, bring rains, grow everything whatever I want. In this whole process of creation, I do not utter a single word. I keep on doing everything so silently even nature gets surprised with such development overnight. Neither do I feel sad nor happy. Nothing can stop and force me to do. I can attain the shape of my desire. I am all around in the air, soil, brook, mountains, glaciers, and even in the hot star’s hottest, the Sun.

Suddenly the droplets of gold started raining, the storm with silver dust started shattering the atmosphere around. The whole atmosphere was glowing like precious mettle. People were not screaming; instead were enjoying the storm. Different creatures looked like human beings, but their face was like a dark hole emitting different lights. He was communicating with me through other lights. I felt as he was directing me to join him on the escalators in motion in the sky. It was a fantastic escalator, and I can see everything around and down while moving up as per his directions. He was not communicating anything with me, and he was directing for doing the needful from my end. I asked him why you are silent? His dark face just emitted the dot of red light. In the meantime, we reached the court, where everything was infinitely precious and mesmerizing.

The court was having a different kind of sitting arrangement. The chairs of blue-green lights and authorities sitting there were visible as a milky white light. What I saw was excellent; everyone was communicating through waves of light. They were not using any words for their communication. I interrupted and asked, why are you not speaking? Which language do you say? I am not able to understand. All the white lights started glaring and focused on me like a beam. I felt as getting unconscious, and last what I remember was shining like a milky white light. I started communicating like them. They answered me we never use words to communicate. Did I ask why?

Words are invincible and have infinite powers to exist in this Universe. Once they descend, they keep hammering the source. They never vanish. Intangible things happen every moment but if they wear words, then controlling them is impossible. We communicate through waves and have control over each and everything. We witness everything happening in this Universe and beyond. I inquired, who are you? An absolute white light shines with magical notes of music.

We are the controller and powers of this infinite Universe. The answer to your question is good things happen automatically, and bad things hack words to happen. We use the language of light, which can be converted and diverted into any shape and direction. But I am still awaiting the answer to my question, Who are you? Instantly my alarm started ringing. It was early morning. I woke up and was analyzing the whole incidence, and it was not giving me a feeling of the dream instead of giving me the feeling that I had visited the place in real.

What I understood out of this that

Words create our world. Speak them with utmost care. Things do not happen until we say them.

|| Be Happy Always ||


Featured Image Courtesy: sipa202 from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Different World’s Advice…

  1. SMiles
    i Became
    A FLoWeR


    All The

    Words Behind

    Then i Returned

    After A Meditative

    Spiraling Dance

    In Flow



    CoLoRinG FLoWeRinG

    SMiles Science Shows

    Feelings Precede Human

    Reasons In Words

    So i Dance
    In Spiraling

    Flow And



    Come Free Sing

    Next Never


    i Am Verb



    Move And Repose

    DarK Through

    LiGHT NoW


    Yin And




    Rest Of

    The Jazz

    Lyrics of

    me A Dance🎼🌊

    To Be Clear I’m FredericK
    The 244 Pound Martial
    Arts Free Dancer Free

    Verse Poetry

    Dude part

    Of The Katie Mia

    FredericK Team

    She Doesn’t


    Or Write


    Her Expertise

    Is Taking Care

    Of me And

    Looking As Lovely

    As Ever At 51 in Early

    April As i Am Less

    Than 3 Months

    Shy of 61 And

    Am Still A Strongest

    Leg Pressing Dude

    At A Military

    Gym up to
    1520 Pounds

    What 14,633 Miles
    Of Public Dance

    In 90 Months
    Will Bring Still



    And All
    These Words

    9.1 MiLLioN

    Words of Free

    Verse EPiC Long

    Form Poetry

    In 91 Months

    It’s True My

    FRiEnD There

    Is Energy

    Of God
    We Have


    To Tap



    Most Folks

    Have No Clue
    Exists they








    Now All Colors
    Of FLoWeRS Now

    More Eternally New
    True This Will Be


    To Put


    Yet We Feel
    God’s Breath



    The Less

    As We Become
    Simply All in All NoW🌊🎼

    Hehe Practically Moving🙏

    Mountains Valley Low High🎼🌊

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  2. I love the magical, mystical quality of your words here! I have long felt that words are alive, breathing entities that wait patiently until we we invite them to join in our dance. Their power is immense. Hmmm. Do words create our world — or do we participate in creating theirs? Thank you, Rajeshwalecha, for visiting my site, Words Divinely Wrought.

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    1. I agree Rachel. Words have power- the power to encourage, transform, birth, and end… As writers, we have a huge responsibility to make sure that our words carry the right intent, that they are written with a kind heart.
      As readers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we only empower the words that speak of love and not of hate.
      To interact with words is no child’s play, and yet it must be done with a child’s curiosity… How ironic!

      Writing for amazing readers here is a pleasure Rachel. Even more exhilarating to be able to interact with their blogs.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to interact.
      Have an amazing day ahead ✨


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