We act during the day with the concept of lights, camera, and action. Billions of eyes which we call stars, watch this during the night. Hence perform heroically, because everyone wants their hero to address challenges with an attitude. Laugh loudly in every situation during the day because the spectators will whistle sharply to appreciate their hero. The Situations are not less than a villain. Wear your attitude and address them with a smile. Do not sit sadly; otherwise, the situations will enjoy. Just give them a blow, with a smile full strength.

Imagine you are the main star cast of your movie background music is going on. Situations are challenging you loudly. Pull your socks, wear the attitude with a smile, give them a solid blow and clap your hands, and dance. That is it. Situations may bother you but can not defeat you if you address them heroically. Let them also feel the fear of you. They should go back with a scar on their face and let them alert their future generations to beware of you.

Go ahead and bounce back. It is you who can do it because you are the hero of your film.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Lars_Nissen from Pixabay 

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