Somebody is there. Shh…

Who is there inside us, who is behaving like an enemy? Why does he not want us to live with our colors of life? He keeps on spraying artificial colors on us. I am sure most of us do not know about the colors of life. We are living like an ignorant person despite being highly educated.

Natural Matrix Of Life.

Neural Peace

The colors above look simple, but they have a magical impact. I practice them daily and think they are as essential for us as the food for our body. I would say they are food for our soul. Once we practice them, they generate calmness, make our soul happy, and exude the holy white color.

Artificial Matrix




Neural Excitement

Me First


The artificial matrix burns us from inside. It generates excitement which throws us out of our natural orbit and makes our soul sad and exudes the black color of negativity. The name of that negativity is ‘EGO.’ does not want anyone to grow around him, even the person; wherein she lives.

Go back to the natural matrix of life and be happy always.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Face-Off With Life Matrix…

  1. Love Is Flesh And Blood What We
    Sense All Around What We Feel

    Deep Within Oh Why Are Folks
    So Cold And Mechanical Inside

    Why Do They Carry Frowns
    When Birds Sing For Sunshine
    Coloring Raindrops on Flowers

    Smiles It’s True There Is Yin And
    Yang Art And Reason There are

    Two Kinds Of Intelligence
    Overall Mechanical Cognition
    Problem Solver and Flesh And

    Blood Move, Connect, Co-Create
    Pro-Social Empathic Artistic
    Spiritual Intelligence Now in
    Forest All View Leaf Holding
    Tree Feeding It Green Falling
    Feeding Seeds Of New Trees


    Of Life

    Indeed Meanwhile

    Worshipping One Name
    Of One Man One Label
    Of One Tree In Small
    Picture View of Life
    Fearing Dead Leaves
    Feeding Seeds

    For Reborn



    Is Flesh

    And Blood

    Humans Get Lost

    In Falling Leaves

    The Tools The Clothes

    They Wear And Forget

    They Are Both Seed And Forest

    A Place Where Souls Feel


    Sense Green

    The Color Of

    Life Giving
    Sharing More Caring🏝

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    1. Thank you, Katiemiafrederick! There is Yin and Yang in every move of life. Smile is also a part of it. Once again thank you for stopping by, showering divine words, and investing valuable time. 🙂🎉

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    1. I agree… The war is never-ending, and ever-evolving… It reignites itself the moment it nears an end… But then, maybe, such a war is pivotal to sustain the ebb and flow of life…

      Thank you so much Cherie. I am so glad you like my work. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to interact.✨

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