A pen is writing a history every moment; on the contrary, six feet height man is struggling. When the pen can write the words of its desire, I think it is enough to ignite the spark within us to create the life of our desires. We keep on pondering about a miracle to happen. I do not know why we forget that miracle in the form of life has already happened to us. The only part left is to enjoy it. It is on to us whether we count life as cacophony or compose a melody out of it. People will come to you to share their worries, stress, struggle, and fear. Nobody will come to tell you life is melodious enjoy it. You have to create your melody.

I give you a trick

“Switch on the music of your choice and start dancing with yourself. If someone asks you the reason, tell, I am happy.”

It is as simple as that. This way, life, and happiness begin.

Yes, if anyone can take along with the money, name, and fame afterlife. He has the exclusive right to think about them.

Do not measure your happiness with the weight of money, name, and fame because they are bi-products of ‘happiness.’ Let us create the rut of happiness by writing the life of our desire with a smile and dancing. 

Remember, vibrations that develop inside the body create history; on the other side, things that grow outside the body generate mystery.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 

17 thoughts on “Pen & Men…

  1. Let’s Talk Walk No!
    Yes! The Dance!
    The Song! We
    May Play

    Our Life

    Our Stories

    Always To Create
    Green Eternally Fresh
    Every Step Every Word

    A Holy New
    Sacred Dance
    And Song



    We Own

    No Longer Slaves

    To Other Stories Set

    In Stone Green Now
    Yes Ever Green Living🌲

    MoRE LiGHT IT Colors

    New You Please Now🎄😊

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  2. Money is a tool that is needed but the accumulation of more does not equal more joy. Many people have a huge net worth and money in the bank but are lonely and lack joy. Happy is temporary, it’s a surging emotion -seek contentment and joy which is like counting your blessings and being satisfied.

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      1. Thank you for pondering over the subject so deeply. I am glad to know your concern about the subject. Happiness is highly appreciated subject and can be discussed up to infinity. Perhaps! Money, Name, and fame have no role to play. If someone is serious about attaining happiness. || Be Happy Always ||😊😊🎉🎉

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      2. I agree that we could discuss happiness at some length. I would add that there are many factors to being happy including but not restricted to self-worth, health, social support, contentedness, spiritual peace, sufficient wealth to not worry about a roof overhead, medications etc.

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