We eat to excrete and similarly excrete to eat. If this is life, what is the difference between a machine and man because we fuel and refuel machines for their smooth running? We create, repeat, eat, sleep, and excrete. We are doing this for billions of years. There are certain mindsets that we have learned and preferably repeat them. If we imitate them exactly, address ourselves as successful, happy, and destined person. I am not thinking out of the box because I know the box never existed. It has been created virtually around us to live a delusional life. If life is there, eating and excreting is natural, but who has imposed running on it. We are running like machines, creating problems with every step taken forward. While passing through the carnival, we see some are laughing, dancing, and romancing. Because of our inner ability to learn, we start perceiving, who are laughing, dancing, and romancing are successful. This way, we create an imaginary world of successful people.

Rajesh’s quotes

"Success:- An artificial battle created by the human being."— Rajesh Walecha

Of course, success must be our core objective. Can success be gained through predefined mindsets, trends, and approaches? No, it is not. When we follow the predefined mindset trends and approaches: then we expect similar results. It is not possible because nobody can imitate it perfectly. Perfect imitation is impossible. I often hear this in the gamut of corporates that the whole world is in the race. If you will lag or fall, nobody is going to pick you and support you up. The reason is no one has time to do that. I questioned them, why should anyone come to pick me and support me up? Immediately it ignites a thought in my brain that is it mandatory to run for being a successful person. I fall or lag, how it makes a difference because I am running the unsolicited race. I would not like anyone to come, support, and pick me up.

If we are desirous enough, we can create success anywhere without moving even a single step. On the other side, if we are not desirous running infinite kilometers is not sufficient even. Respect yourself and be happy always. You will see success will knock on your door every day and every moment and will beg your hug. Live like a king; because you are. Do not run for irrational success because she is everybody’s wife.

Notice yourself instead of noticing others. They are doing their way; you must go your way. Have your mind frame of success instead of imitating the existing mind frames.

The real warrior never fights an artificial battle.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Gioele Fazzeri from Pixabay 

2 thoughts on “The Real Warrior And An Artificial Battle…

  1. Hi Rajesh, I find your blog interesting to read. I imagine that you are multi-lingual and that is wonderful but it can sometimes make it difficult to communicate in the language that you are less familiar in.
    I liked the end of your post because I was more clear on your message, perhaps you had multiple messages you were sharing?
    Success is such a difficult concept because it means different things to everyone. A successful day to one might mean making a lot of money, while to a Dad it could mean helping his son learn to ride a bicycle.
    An important concept I did get from your post is that comparison is the source of unhappiness. We all have our own walk and challenges along the path.

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you find my blog interesting to read. I have adopted this style deliberately to let people know how they convert the simple process of success into a complex pattern.
      You are right, I have narrated different types of messages, which people adopt to reach the only destination named ‘Success’.
      The definition of success varies. You have mentioned it rightly.
      Comparison is the source of unhappiness; nevertheless, everyone does it. Once again, thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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