Thoughts wear words; words wear actions, actions adopt us to happen. Once the action and our body mate, they produce an offspring named personality. Personality exudes exuberance all around and helps other brains to develop their perspective about us. Their viewpoint spreads like a grapevine communication and fetches us the emotion as per our action.

From here, the chapter of destiny starts. If everything brings feelings soothing to our personality, we call ourselves a destined person, else we blame our luck or God. We never take the onus of our actions.

More often, people yell in worse situations, ‘Be Brave.’ If merely yelling the phrase can mold our personality and destiny. Believe me; there would be an infinite number of schools to train us about; how to be brave?

In a bad situation, we need not yell “Be Brave’ instead, we ought to retrospect our thoughts, words, actions, and personality. We can even rehearse similar behavior in front of the mirror that has produced worse emotion for us.

Once done, either we can quit that behavior or alter accordingly. If we can do this, happiness will always be there with us to serve.


Rajesh’s quotes

“Thoughts are cosmic swords either they defend or divide.”— Rajesh Walecha

Pick positive thoughts and work on their dress cautiously.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Briam Cute from Pixabay 

6 thoughts on “Cosmic Swords…

  1. This post was thoughtfully shared. I received the message that it is important to choose our words in reacting or responding. I often experience the need to try and help “fix” when I am told something or that I am being asked for advice. I know now that in most cases people are sharing information about their life and not asking for advice. I think many like me have to learn to respond by listening, or asking how can we help?


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