She is crazy about me, she loves me, and I know she wants to give everything to me in return for my love. Today morning, a thought pops up in my mind that I have a date with my life. I kept floating on it for almost an hour. Suddenly, my mind says, she is proposing you should say, yes! This way, I said okay!

Since then, my life and I are romancing like a pair of love birds. My brain and heart said, forget everything except your date with her. World, believe me, she is gorgeous, beautiful. We both are sitting across the table and enjoying every breath with a sip of happiness. I dare to ask my beloved, life, what do you want from me as a gift to make this date a memorable one. She passed on a smile and said nothing; want you, just you.

I insisted to her, must demand at least something which can be remembered, as a signature of this magnificent and unique type of date in this universe ever. She smiled with a dimple on her cheeks and said, you can not afford it even; no one can afford it for his life.

I said promisingly; I can, you just, demand. Okay! said she. Okay, promise me; you will not take artificial things like anger, sorrow, stress, failure, and success seriously because they take you away from me. I declared loudly and promised her, “Okay.” She is so happy since then and dancing, smiling and kissing me continuously. Both of us are blushing since then and feeling like the happiest couple of this universe ever.

Be cool and love your life with happiness. You will see, everything start swirling around you.

|| Be Happy Always||

©Rajesh Walecha

Featured Image Courtesy: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

17 thoughts on “Adorable Date Ever…

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I agree perspective gives meaning to one’s life. I am glad to know that my write-up can create a new one. Once again, thank you for stopping by and investing your valuable time. 🙂


  1. Rajesh, this post just oozes with self-love! I adore what you said and how you said it!! I also liked very much that you have a Blog Schedule; I was thinking of something similar for one day of the week, and you have inspired me to move ahead with my idea. Thanks for following me at Words Divinely Wrought so I could discover Let’s Talk…

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    1. Thank you, Rachel! I feel happy when someone feels happy around me. I am extremely thrilled by your divine and empowering words. Yes, the blog schedule makes me committed to my beloved readers. Thanks for liking it and thinking something similar to it. I have scrolled down your blog ‘Words Divinely Wrought’; it is an excellent blog having spectacular illustrations. Once again thank you for stopping by and investing valuable time.😊

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