It seems as we all were hungry and poor at other dimensions of life. The moment; we descend on the Earth, start running for money and food. If you do not believe me, have a look around you right now; people are running for more, more, and many more.

I am not a pessimist about accomplishments, but spending happiness for them is a costly affair. I do not think that we would have prayed the God; for life because of food and money. Live your life happily because it is yours. Do not spend your happiness on unsolicited ventures. They drain out all your energy.

Our gut speaks from both ends, but we do validate only words. Rest we ignore in the form of farts. Similarly, our brain thinks from all the lobes. We must validate positive thoughts only and ignore negative thoughts. They are not more than brain farts. We must avoid them through guffawing and should not create farrago.

We must go out for accomplishments but remember; have to fetch happiness for ourselves and our family, as well.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Solie Jordan from Pixabay

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    1. Thank you, juanmiguelesteban! I was a bit skeptical while writing this but then decided to mention the reality to correlate. I am happy that you like my work. Once again, thank you for stopping by and investing your valuable time. || Be Happy Always || 🙂

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