We often dreamt of flying in the air, communicating in the air, and getting things done automatically. The surprising fact is we are doing all these as we have dreamt. We can live the way we want to. It is up to us how we want to live?

Life is bliss, and living life happily makes it blissful. What will be your goal if happiness counted as a currency. What would you like to earn, money or happiness? Of course, the answer will be happiness. I wanna ask you why not we count ‘happiness’ as more valuable than currency. Why do we keep stumbling upon the currency note?

If currency gives us bread, then, believe me, happiness gives us butter to garnish the bread of life. Turn on the switch of happiness in your life.

|| Be Happy Always ||

9 thoughts on “The Bread & Butter…

    1. You are right, Kritika, “Money often becomes the hindrance.” As per me, we allow it to do so. We ought to learn, earn, and distribute ‘happiness’ only. Initially, it looks tough but later, it over par the money factor, once if we try to exude happiness in all the ventures. || Be Happy Always || 🙂

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      1. Happiness comes only when we are doing what we love. Since birth we are being taught to earn more and more and save and save and save for future. Killing the happiness we have to step as per our parents.
        And after coming into senses that happiness is important we are already in the hands of so many responsibilities that it becomes difficult. For males, its really a struggle and females are handed over to males because marriage is important (as per the rules).
        Its really a struggle if we are not taught to understand that happiness is not money, its within us, our desires, our wants.
        It is what I have analysed. Thank you so much for the post 🙂

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  1. Yes agreed.. happiness is more imp than getting completely busy in life but attribute of money can’t be completely neglected..
    If there is no bread, then butter alone can’t help you.

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