Bizarre but true, that the presence of footprints never proves that the path is to follow. Footprints are forcing me to follow the path. They take me to the open door, through which I can not see anything until entering. Once I enter found things are not as presumed, hence feeling distressed. The same is the case with life. We find that our presumptions are not reconciling with reality. That makes us unhappy.

Some are trying for their dream job, effortless life, huge money, and good love. These all are the output of our brain waves. Now try to decode; why am I saying so? No, Idea.

Footprints take us nowhere except the door, whereas brainwaves’ print takes us to the mission straight.
Our brain is a time machine; its waves can take us to the desired place. We can program our brain for anything of our desire.

Program the brain just after awakening and before sleep for ‘happiness.’ It will bring it to you.

We all are living in bizarre paradox, shed this paradox off and be happy always. We have created a rut of thoughts and trying to master them for centuries.

Follow The brainwaves’ print and Be happy always.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured And Post Image Courtesy: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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