Attitude matters a lot. Wear attitude every day before wearing the dress for the outside world. Wearing an attitude means to convey the message to your brain that “I am going to win the game of life.” Situations, People, Challenges, and nothingness can not dare to stop me. If they want, let them try.

My attitude is full of adamancy; besides, I am stubborn to win. I know and choose victory only and nothing else.

I have conveyed the message to my brain forever.

I will keep doing actions of my choice until victory.

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“Choose success instead of achieving it”— Rajesh Walecha

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Wear attitude of your choice and be happy always.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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12 thoughts on “Own It…It is yours…& You Have It…

  1. Good day
    Rajesh Walecha

    Thank you for your commitment,
    to your philosophy.

    my answer:

    I myself
    got my attitude
    to the collective unconscious
    in a dream

    I admit
    if a being
    an unconscious act
    in me
    to my consciousness

    the corrupt
    I want according to his orders
    of the unconscious
    don’t swallow

    rather, I tell him
    the contradiction
    I could in his files
    many errors
    to the light
    highlight the world

    Everyone is allowed to use their brain
    what he thinks is good

    make a game of his life
    and only victory
    About yourself
    the world and the others
    consider desirable

    I don’t want to succeed myself
    I am who I am
    even so
    without question

    I want the strong
    The chosen ones
    not of their way
    nothing but their victory
    that you want to reach
    so that nobody
    hold up

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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