The brook never does any partiality of the good and the bad surface while flowing. It starts flowing and shapes it accordingly. Similarly, we should not do any partiality of the good and bad situation while flowing with the brook of life. We should also change the situation accordingly.

How situations take charge of us?:

Every brain is attacked with thousands of negative thoughts every day. The mistake we do; when they attack us, we help them; to descend by giving them the shape of words.


Whatever we speak that generates the frequency and exists in this Universe unto the infinity. It never vanishes. It keeps on rolling and attacking us because we are the source of it. Hence, it always comes back to us.

Hence whenever negative thoughts attack you

  • Never help them to descend in the form of your words.
  • If you have allowed them by mistake to repair that mistake, speak one good thought at least twice to negate the effect.
  • Never even share that negative thought with anyone. Otherwise, it will descend.

Always remember, ‘Words are invincible.’

Rajesh’s quotes

“say positive stay positive”— Rajesh Walecha

Goodreads Quotes

Speak your words carefully and be happy always.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image And Post Image Courtesy: Martin Moucha from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Ebb And Flow…

  1. Good day
    Rajesh Walecha
    Thank you for your commitment,
    to your philosophy.
    my answer:
    in the flow of life
    between evil
    and good
    become aware of it
    the decision
    what the responsibility
    for the others
    I don’t know
    the negative
    acknowledge the dark
    with humility
    the attempt
    the next step
    to dare
    we all are
    From the source
    of the cosmos
    in the universe
    simple vulnerable
    in the arms
    lifted by mother earth
    the suffering the need
    the power inside
    the superiority
    the outside world
    the word
    is a tool
    that everyone for himself
    on your own responsibility
    can use
    those with
    her good thoughts
    and the world
    the other with theirs
    Mastering ideas
    Words if they
    not accepted
    get lost in the wind
    in the sands of time
    Words don’t make magic
    they are from the soul
    whether in luck or bad luck
    bound by their gravity
    Hans Gamma

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