Everything persists in this universe take whatever you want;

But remember everything is running fast to achieve ‘Nothing.’ If you don’t believe, show me a single thing in this universe that is not declining. Life is a game of We Three, in which we are playing with two invisible players. They are a) Situation b) Nothingness.

In this game, our moves are always blind. Whereas; they change and plan their strategy according to us. Ultimately the game of life either be won by situations or nothingness in the last. There is nothing to worry because

The game of life can be lived but not won.

Remember always life is a stage of excitement and the latter represents only ‘Happiness.’ If we remain happy irrespective of the situations and nothingness. It becomes difficult for the Situation, and The Nothingness, to plan and change their moves. Hence they surrender.

Live your game of life with ‘Happiness.’

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image And Post Image Courtesy: by Erik Stein from Pixabay

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