I am a hero, impressive, smart, and handsome. These are the adjectives my mother always uses for me. When I stepped out of my house to be a part of the cacophony, the world has never used them for me unless my performance has forced them to do so. The moment it happened I understood that instead of flattering people, I ought to work on my performance.

While doing so I have observed my performance is going up, up, and touching the uppermost peak. But shocked, nobody was appraising it. I was surprised, what is it? I am doing excellent despite that lacking the appreciation. Then my brain told me, it is not only your performance which is good, but there are others also in this world, who are doing good. You need to appreciate them too.

I started appreciating others for their good work while working on the quality of my performance too. I felt everything is going good like others’ performance and my performance. We all are exchanging appreciations, but what is it, why I am not feeling happy? Instantly my mind told me that you are exchanging everything like your work, performance, and appreciations too but you forget to exchange happiness. I understood the concept:

Whatever we want to attain in life, it must be properly exchanged with the world outside.

I started addressing others as a hero, impressive, smart, and handsome. I was surprised the world told me that I am the second person to use these adjectives for them after their mother. I was shocked it was similar to my case but I was happy because the world has also started addressing me with the same adjectives.

|| Exchange Happiness and Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image And Post Image Courtesy:by Vânia Raposo from Pixabay

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