Roads take us nowhere; we take them to our destination. Hence take your roads to happiness.

Roads are like snakes; they always crawl spirally and produce different types of mechanical sounds. They offer their back for running to everyone and swallow millions of lives every year. Roads are progressing everywhere in collaboration with the wheel. The wheel and The Road have impressed us since their inception. They are responsible for today’s cacophony all across.

Earlier or even today, we are making the roads to connect them to our destinations. While doing so, we forget to tell our next generation that; ‘

Men make the Roads not, the Roads make the Men.

This one mistake has become a blunder now. Because we think Roads make us; hence, we have started the race and served ourselves as a prey to these roads during this race.

This race has swallowed all our happiness, charm, vigor, and optimism.

I do not say that we should not run on the roads. We should. The road must be used by us for our destinations; instead of being used by the road in the form of prey to the race.

|| Be Happy Always ||

We are trying to spread ‘ Happiness’ across the globe. Hence we have recently started a Podcast with the Name ‘LeapMonk.’

Sharing the link with you and will appreciate your comments and suggestions.–LeapMonk–Rajesh-Walecha-ep91vb

|| Be Happy Always ||

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    1. Thank you, Carol! Dissemination of happiness across the globe is the only objective of my blog. I am happy that you like my happiness messages and web-design as well. I design them on my own. Once again, thank you for stopping by and investing your valuable time.🙂🙂

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