Roots ask their tree to shed off some fruits on them so that they can taste their hard work. Tree thinks for a while and answers, sorry, my darling, roots, I will not share it with you because this fruit is my hard work. I behold this fruit on me till it ripens. The Roots of the tree get dishearten and start feeling sad within. Tree passes a cunning smile to its roots and sings a song:

” My fruit is mine, and it is not for any root to dine.”

The fellow roots yell on the mother root; for stopping the food supply, to highlight their role in the development of fruit. The mother root answers; we should not imitate others’ behavior to mark our importance; we should try to improve their behavior by supporting them more so that they can understand the power of love and affection.

Fellow roots murmur within and start doing their work. The mother root instructs all the fellow roots to spread deeper and wider. Fellow roots reject the instructions of her. She approaches them and tells if one branch has denied sharing then we can spread and sprout better branches those who can care and share. The fellow roots understood the concept and did the same as instructed.

A Few years later new branches sprouted and were much healthier than the parent tree. They were sharing and caring too. Birds, Butterflies, and even their roots were playing, sharing with each and everything. This part of the tree was looking much better than the parent tree.

The parent tree understood the role of roots in his life and conveyed the apology to mother root and admitted that,

” Happiness exists in sharing and caring.”

Hence spread your roots wider and deeper to taste and generate the fruit of ‘Happiness and Share it with your ‘Soul’ every day and every moment.

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured and Post Image Courtesy: by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

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