Woods conspire through winds to entrap the intruders. Winds help every creature of the woods to be careful.

Surviving woods needs wild abilities along with the passion; to survive. Every moment needs the same passion

Woods do not understand emotions. They only throw challenges, If life can accept and address them, then only it can exist. If not, the ashes always keep their mouth open to swallow the freshly dead lives. Woods do not have any mercy.

They work only on one principle


Rajesh Walecha

Woods are ruled by ‘The flesh eater dark.’ ‘The dark’ does not segregate whose flesh it is while eating upon it. It needs only fleshes the type of life doesn’t matter for it. Falling leaves during the dark; make the sound scarier than ‘the roar of the Lion,’ and the howling of animals, blowing winds support them in doing so.

In woods, life eats upon other life, to survive or to exist. The scavengers plan their survival during the day and hunt during the night. Woods promise only one thing for sure if, survived will be the strongest and toughest creature.

The survival depends upon ‘The Hunger,’ the only one able to survive. ‘The hunger,’ in woods can be met out with two abilities either, cleverness or muscular power.

The Woods never claim that they will give you everything you want, never they assure you anything but, they say it with authority, ” Take, whatever you want if you can.

Woods never shout on us to ‘shut up’; this is we who whispers to self, ‘shut up.’ We start telling ourselves, stop talking, and stop walking.

Now, allow me to take a 360-degree turn:

In these kinds of woods: If I ask you to cheer up, feel happy, generate, and distribute happiness. Either you will call me crazy or ask me about my mental health.

You will be right while doing so.

But, don’t you think we all are still living in the woods. The brain created woods. Where the fear rules in the form of Dark. Our notions; to fail to make a scarier sound than ‘the roar of the lion,’ and blowing thoughts in our mind support them to do so.

|| Life is light, not the dark

Nothing makes it scary and hawking

except our internal barking

There is nothing like dark and woods

Everything we create beneath our hood ||

|| Blind moves for life with power and believe in self

is the rule of the woods, served on its shelf.

Do not generate notions along with blowing thoughts to fail self. ||

|| Woods promise strength, if survived, for longer

If addressed well, life also makes us ‘tough’ and ‘stronger.’

Only hunger for anything defines life.

Do not whisper, shut up, and strife.

‘Take,’ whatever you want are the trends of woods and life. ||

© Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured Image Courtesy: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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