A stone on my way asks me, ” Why, I do not change the path if he is acting as a hurdle? I asked, Who are you? Stone answers astonishingly,” ‘A Stone’ working hard to bother you, trying to fail, dishearten and even break you. I asked him how? He giggled loudly and asked, you don’t know how do I do all this? I said, really don’t know. Stone asked once again; you don’t know.

I asked him, do you have any other thing to ask me. He was silent; I said ‘no’ then it’s okay, bye. Stone was surprised he yelled on my back and said, Mr. You, Yes, I am calling you. I turned for a while and inquired once again with a smile on my face. Is there anything left which you want to ask?

Did Stone answer, yes, I am bothering you so much; still, you are not worried; why? I answered, my friend, come here, sit with me for a while. I will tell you about you. Stone, with the smashing attitude, asked, you will tell, about me. I said, come here. Stone; my friend; you do not know about your beauties.

He was shocked and inquired about his beauties, and shouted, you are mocking my shape. You don’t know my powers.

Listen, my friend, what I am trying to tell that; you are so powerful, do not bother, do not try to fail, do not dishearten, and do not break others. You give shelter, try to protect, give hope and build others. These are the beauties you have.

Stone started crying. I asked him, why are you crying? Don’t you like your beauties? He said it is not like that. I asked him again, what is it which is forcing you to cry?

People spit on me, kick me, and sometimes throw me far away whenever I bother them. You are the first person on this earth who hugged, sit with me, and even told me about my beauties. How can you do this all; so easily? asked the Stone.

I answered him softly; My mother always taught me that, “Problems and hurdles will be working hard to stop you on the way of your achievements and purposes. Do not notice them; let them work on you and your path. They will teach and gift you something good. I understood that whenever; I’ll work for some purposes and achievements, the problems and hurdles will also work along with me to make me a better version of myself. That the way I do not notice them on my way.

After listening to all this, Stone smiled and said, I want to bless you. I said; you have already blessed me. What? Surprisingly asked the Stone. I said, Patience.

Oh! My God, Your Mother taught you beautifully. Besides this, I am blessing you that no hurdle will stop you from your purpose or achievements. If someone does, call me thrice in your brain with the name; ‘The Power’ ‘The Power’ ‘The Power.’ I will be there to help you always.

|| Do Not Stop Be Happy Always ||

Image Courtesy :Image by Çınar Atakul from Pixabay

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