Do you want to accomplish without any effort?

It is strange but true; life always works in an auto mode. It means whatever we desire or want, it gives us effortlessly irrespective of the time frame. Unfortunately, we do not believe in this aspect of life. When we wake up in the morning and see the crowd is running. We get stressed and start imitating them without knowing the reason.

There is a carnival going around us. Imagine what will happen if we will start imitating everyone. Will we be able to enjoy it as per our choice? Perhaps, no.

Video by Christian Bodhi from Pixabay

Similarly, when we see others are running to give meaning to their life. We start chasing them and make it a pursuit of our life without knowing the impact of it.

Life gives everything effortlessly only when we believe in this concept.

Rajesh’s quotes

"Life is to live for;let us whistle through it."— Rajesh Walecha

|| Be Happy Always ||

Featured image courtesy: Image by ipicgr from Pixabay

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