We are live creatures with infinite dimensions, but we can see ourselves up to three dimensions, which makes us fragile.

How to make yourself powerful up to infinite dimensions:

First of all, allow me to narrate how we are creatures of infinite dimensions. Okay! When we think it is beyond limits. Todays’ advancement in science and technology substantiates the limitless thinking of The human being. That means our brain can reach up to infinity.

It means what we think can be converted into reality, provided we should not allow any doubt in our brain to spike that thought. The moment we allow doubt to spike the thought. It weakens the intensity of it. Once its frequency weakens, it becomes tough for it to descend.

Hence, whenever any impossible thought comes to your brain, feel happy, and understand you are working very close to infinity. The next move should be to empower that thought to descend without any doubt.

Work on your infinity and be happy always because you are a powerful infinite living creature.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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