The Dark and Light are the core of life; it swirls around them. Dark denotes invisible and light visible. Life is an enigmatic process because we try to interpret it visibly. The invisible remains unaddressed, whereas nature trains the human every moment about addressing both parts of life.

Goosebumps are quite obvious because we live in sheer ignorance. How would you react; if I will tell you that we all are ignorantly doing this practice of addressing the dark and the light?

We address the dark, when we sleep, whereas; we address light when we are awake. The whole world plans the day to accomplish, but what about the night. We think night is for rest because this thought is prevalent since the beginning. The difference between day and night is; during the day, we wander with a strong body and weak frequency in this world. During the night, we wander with strong frequency and the weak body in this universe.

We never plan the night; I am sure it sounds insane because when we sleep, how can we plan? Yes, we can plan our night by imagining good, our body frequency improves. This way, dreams signify your night journey.

Close eyes connect us to the universe; on the contrary, open eyes connect us to life. Address both the parts of life to interpret the concept of life; otherwise, it would be an enigma.

Imagine Happiness, Live richness, because you are the king of your castle.

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