Deep Inside, you want it, then why don’t you get it?

Everyone has high aspirations, expectations, and hope from himself to achieve it, but what is it, which stops him to excel and accomplish his aspirations.

The Biggest Secret.

We see our-self as a single body, whereas it is not the reality. The reality is, our body has different horizons.

1. The physical body: made up of material.

2. The energetic body: through which energy flows within us and keeps us alive.

3. The Spiritual body: which connects us to the Universe.

4. The Scientific Body: which maintains the supply chain within the body.

5. The Enchanting Body: which maintains our delight.

The Enchanting body generates the wish/idea and fills us with the energy to achieve it, but that wish has to transcend across the four layers of the body to be a reality. The wish/idea loses some Hertz ( the SI unit of frequency) of it after every layer of the body. Once this wish/idea reaches the physical body, which is governed by the brain, which has the habit of accommodating and adapting instead of putting itself to pains and, this habit of the physical body make our wish/idea weak and so the execution part. This way, when we are unable to achieve the wish deep inside us, it gives pain to our ‘Enchanting Body’ and, this body starts blaming destiny whereas the flaw lies with the physical body.

The strategy:

Quickly pass on the wish to the physical body with less loss of its Hertz( the SI unit of frequency) and, when your brain says I can accommodate and adapt on as is where basis, don’t listen, accept him. Interact with your Enchanting Body instead of focusing on the pains of The Physical Body.

Once; you will practice this, every wish/idea deep inside you; will be achievable. Whatever it is, whether happiness or success.

|| Follow your Enchanting Body and Be Happy Always. ||

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