Reduce the intensity of inner darkness to be happy.

We all are crop sown by the time, the moment, we ripen he comes and eats upon us. He plants us in the womb and eats on us in the grave. God has blessed us with the happiness we’ve compared it with material gains. He has blessed us with a chain of breath we have compared it with ego.

Ego gives birth to ‘I’ the moment ego goes ‘I’ becomes ‘WE.’

Everyone in this world uses ‘I’ before their name; this single alphabet signifies identity. We spend our whole journey from womb to grave in earning the alphabet ‘I.’ Some people think they can prove their ‘I’ with enough amount of money or possession, whereas others try to prove it with their art. The moment people earn their ‘I,’ they think success has embraced them. They’re unfortunate; because happiness and chain of breath; are spent for ashes.

If you wanna be happy, try to earn ‘WE’ because it reduces your inner darkness and makes you ‘Happy.’


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