Tough times have always created history. When two forces fight with each other for existence, then understand they are not two but three, and the third force is unbeatable, can not be measured, and with infinite dimensions. This force never intervenes in the fight between the two rather witnesses and substantiate the victory based on deeds.
Strategy, planning, tools, and Intelligence quotient fails if deeds are not up to the mark. On the contrary, the human being has a habit of retaliating and does not surrender. This attitude leads to adamancy, and when nothing happens because of deeds; the human being named it as bad luck. People across the globe start giving adjectives to it, like good or bad luck. The fact is your deeds fill color in it.

The whole universe follows this force. There is a big hack if one can tune himself concerning universal time, if his deeds will be good and so his luck. It would be surprising for you to know that universal time runs anticlockwise, whereas lifetime works clockwise.

Hence tune yourself with the universal time and be happy always.


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