Do you really smile, when you smile….

Smile is the biggest lie in this world. We do not wear it for ourselves rather use it for others. We hide a big volcano of mistakes in the shadow of it. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself right now, “Does your smile portray a real you?’ Of course, your answer will be a big ‘NO’ why so? My real answer to this question is we hide our mistakes, guilts, and ill deeds into the shadow of a smile.

Smile is an art of deceiving self and others at large. You’ll be surprised when I will share with you its mother name. ‘Fear’ is the mother of it. It seems bizarre, but it is reality.

When someone smiles, he plans to grab on the contrary when someone is happy; he shares and distributes it.

Do not confuse smile with happiness because it needs a group, whereas the latter needs only self. This confusion is the biggest traitor who betrays your ‘happiness’ A smile needs a reason whereas happiness wants you.

Hence if you’re looking for a reason that means you need a smile, not happiness.

|| Be Happy Always ||

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