As the whole universe is moving around, the celestial bodies are completing their course, shine more when young and get old slowly, and hence their spark. When we look at them, their creation by the universe surprises us. Similarly, we are also the creation of the universe and completing our life course. As celestial bodies have their orbit, we too have the same; if we try to change it, either, we will be deflected to infinity or vanished.

Life is a pre-defined process, we should not try to change it rather live with happiness. Live happily with what you have in your orbit.

Rajesh’s quotes

"Imagination ought to be the first strategy for embracing success."— Rajesh Walecha

If celestial bodies increase their speed to cover the orbit they move away from the core or nucleus, similarly if we work only for material attainment we also move away from the happiness which is the core or nucleus of life. Always imagine positive life in your orbit and feel happy always.

Everything is an answer to someone’s question in the Universe.-Rajesh Walecha


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