I wish to motivate the entire world for happiness seamlessly and trying hard to do so. During this continuous pursuit of happiness, what I felt people usually measure their ‘happiness’ with material attainment. It is a major glitch that creates voids between life and happiness. I am sharing some triggers of ‘happiness’ which can make you as-well-as your family happy.

  1. Schedule small but soulful events every evening like, interacting with self.
  2. Play with your kids at least for half an hour and during this, bring your inner child out.
  3. Adore your kitchen garden; it may be in the morning or evening.
  4. Play with your pets, if you have.
  5. Look at the sky during the early night and admire the beauty of it.
  6. Always express gratitude before you sleep.
  7. Help others.
  8. Put your brain on rest for at least an hour. It means no competitive thoughts only a natural flow of thought.
  9. Problems state the existence of life. Hence, once you call it a day, do not ponder upon them.
  10. As you nurture your body every day similarly you have to take care of your soul too because happiness is the venture of the soul.


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