We’ve been blessed with the potion of happiness internally but there is a condition for availing this, is to maintain the internal balance. The moment we lose the internal balance; the internal flames in the form of stress, depression and, hypertension start burning our optimism and leads to hyperventilation.

The major illusion about happiness amongst people is that material attainment makes us happy but it is as false as living permanently on ‘The Earth’. In ancient times it was the part of the educational course to practice internal balance but unfortunately in the cacophony of the race for accomplishing useless or unworthy deeds, we forgot this ancient practice and becoming pray to these internal flames which not only burn our optimism rather it impacts our generations too.

I know, the question you want to ask me is, “How to maintain internal balance?’

Internal Balance: first of all, let me explain the term internal balance; most of the time we read this term and subconsciously start practicing the same without knowing, what to balance? Hence, it is very important to know the term internal balance before practicing it. The internal balance is to practice the balance between deeds and greed. Of-course this thought booms back; but sit in a calm place and think about the definition of success for a while. The dictionary meaning of success is an accomplishment of an aim but the majority of the people count it as running for more, more and, many more; this way it becomes greed. When we chase greed it imbalances us and pushes us in the crowd of an unsolicited and unsubstantiated race of competition which at the accomplishing end has only flames which are not from the outside rather from inside. They burn all our vigor, charm, optimism and, more importantly our precious lifetime which we have got to enjoy the beauty of ‘life’ and ‘The universe’.

How to maintain internal balance?

Differentiate between your deeds and greed.

Define your needs clearly.

Think before you start running for your accomplishments.

If you achieve, it’s good: If you don’t, ‘think’; God has a different plan for you.

Life is for happiness not for an endless race.

Hence put out all your internal flames with the potion of ‘Happiness’.


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