Sun shines, Stars shine, Moon shines but they do not proclaim that they are shining rather they try hard to be visible to every creature in this universe by sharing their light in a maximum useful manner.

On the other hand when a human being shines he tries to proclaim and capture with high neck attitude from others by telling and yelling on them that he is shining and perhaps it is the reason ‘The Earth’ has become a planet for competition instead of heaven.

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay 

This two-leg animal (Human being) has caused maximum destruction on ‘Earth’ and now planning to do the same in the universe by experimenting with his illogical hypotheses to prove his point right. Let me substantiate the universe works on infinity (∞) and human beings will never be able to decode the ‘Universe’

Only love is the key to make this planet a ‘heaven’ Spread love and be happy always because we’ll take nothing along while moving forward in the journey of life.


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