In my previous post, I have just tried to know the answer from the world of my readers about

“Human beings have been descending on earth for centuries; what is it, they have not found yet?”

Let me elucidate why human beings are descending on earth for centuries; It is a very big story that sometimes feels like it is pure imagination but it strikes straight at the point.

Once upon a time ‘God’ was sitting in his courtroom with all his powerful ministers. These powerful ministers were those, who were controlling the whole universe. ‘God’ was discussing with his ministers about light and dark. Suddenly, all the ministers asked ‘God’; Almighty, you’re very powerful, you can do everything or anything in this whole universe or beyond the universe, hence we wish to ask you a question with your permission. Almighty permitted them to ask, with a smile on his face. All the ministers thanked him and asked; Lord, we have an immense light around us then why the whole universe is full of the dark? Is this dark more powerful than light? Why light can not rule it out.

Almighty smiled and told his ministers that you’ve asked three questions whereas you’ve taken permission for one only. Okay, then I’ll answer all your questions. He told his ministers that you’re right; light is all around us but there is huge dark in the universe and it is need of the universe. For the second question of your dark is not powerful than light. Yes, of course, light can rule it out, but the universe has to earn its light.

All the ministers were surprised with answers and said, Almighty, please explain it to us. Almighty asked his ministers to look in front of them and the moment they saw; there was a huge bang of celestial bodies and it generated immense heat and light. All the ministers were scared and prayed ‘God, please save us and forgive us for all our sins.

Almighty smiled and said, don’t be scared, this is the answer to all your questions. An answer to our questions asked all the ministers surprisingly. Almighty smiled and said, ‘yes’. Ministers said, ‘Almighty we’re not able to understand, please explain. ‘God’ smiled and said, I’m forming a piece of land and residents of this place which will be known by the name ‘The Earth’ where you’ll see light all the time and residents of it will be known as life in many forms but the most important form will be human beings, they’ll be able to see light around them but will be having huge dark inside.

Ministers asked, we’ve not understood, Lord. They’ll have to earn their light, said, ‘God’. We’ve still not understood, Lord.

Almighty said, This new planet ‘The Earth’ will be a place where I’ll send souls for achieving their “KARMIC BALANCE” the moment they’ll achieve this balance they will be able to see the light in the huge dark and will be liberated from descending on ‘The Earth’. Ministers understood and started praying ‘GOD’ with folded hands.

Balance your Karmas and Be Happy Always.

© Rajesh Walecha

Featured Image Courtesy: by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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