So many people and everybody is aspiring to accomplish the dreams which have been either transmitted by Parents, Family or induced by Media during our growth period.

Have we ever asked ourselves sitting at some calm place that what is our dream? What defines us? Try this, you will find different ‘you’ in you. We chase stress instead of dreams. We chase imposed dreams to prove our fake identity as real. When I say fake identity, it means we are trying to substantiate our parents, near and dears to the society that whatever they’ve told them about us is right. In other words, we keep trying to prove their definition of us is right. Wherever there is a huge void between imagination and reality. We want to do something else but chase the imposed dream.

But my question to you is, Have we ever told society what we are? What we can be? Doesn’t matter if we can’t achieve anything. Yes! You read it right, Doesn’t matter if we can’t achieve anything. The thing which matters is; have we achieved ourselves for us? I am sure, we all are achieving imposed dreams, not the supposed dreams. Here supposed dreams mean your dreams. I can bet upon, none is following supposed dreams.

There is a cacophony of imposed dreams on the contrary silence in the supposed dreams. This thought may sound floccinaucinihilipilificated imagination but just think by closing your eyes, whenever, we try to define the goal or dream, the very first question comes to our mind, what is its scope? The moment we explore the scope of our dreams, it points out that it is an imposed dream.

“Imposed dreams give us pleasure and supposed dreams give us happiness.”-Rajesh Walecha

Dreams are always irrational hence Be irrational billionaire.

Be happy always.

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay 

2 thoughts on “Irrational billionaires…

  1. True, our ‘dreams’ have been a product of our environment and influence, imposed on us through upbringing and the media. But how do we really unlearn everything we’re taught and truly live? That’s the big question.

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