Image by Nikhil Mishra from Pixabay

Image by Nikhil Mishra from Pixabay

“My Interaction with lord Shiva about happiness and he narrated the things to me and I am writing them for you.”

“It is his empire, not ours; this may sound a bit offbeat but this is a fact. How surprising it is that we came here as a guest and started aspiring to be a master. Everyone started running for more, and seeking to acquire more, doesn’t matter an individual or a country.

We were sent here as a guardian but due to our greedy deeds, we have started behaving like a destructor. The result of those greedy deeds is the outbreak of pandemic, floods, storms, Earthquakes, and don’t know what next.

There was a beautiful knitted system in the world around which seems is breaking because of our greedy deeds and run for more attitude.”

Just observe all around you, we are passing through trance; planets are in retrograde, science is forcing scientists to observe the pre-defined phenomenon and laws once again. The Universe is adapting new phenomena. Black holes are dancing. New processes are developing in the universe day in and day out. It seems every family, community, society, and country is divided into two mindsets. The First mindset is; who is not at all ready to coop up with a new situation hence keeping himself cling to the old routine of life. The Second Mindset is; who is observing new things keenly and trying to give a fight to the new situations who have snatched the comfort of human beings.

Time is tough for everyone; we are passing through zig zag surfaces of time. What I can say is; when we’ll land on the normal; things will not be the same as they were earlier. Maybe we have an advanced form of technology or maybe not. Maybe we have a different dressing style or maybe not. Maybe we aspire for imagination or maybe not. In all these uncertainties one thing is certain we always will aspire for happiness.

I know finding happiness in this era is quite a tough deal but this is not an impossible feat.

How to be happy during this tough and infectious era?

  • Life is reshaping itself in terms of business, relations, science, and many more; the very prominent thought to make us happy.
  • After this, rather during this; we have got a new beginning and happiness resides in beginning always.
  • This era has forced us back to the basics of life while addressing the basics of life; feel the void technology has created between human beings and the basics of life. While doing so feel happy.
  • Tune yourself to the frequency of happiness.

The ultimate way to be happy during this era is

” Don’t say and think; which you don’t want; think and say; what you want.”


‘Be Happy Always’


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