Took and treated life the way we wanted, but now life is treating and taking us the way she wants.

I am sure this is sounding like a riddle, but believe you me this is an ipso facto. This pandemic will change a lot many things in our lives, not for a short time, as-far-as I can see it will change a lot of approaches to the human being for many things for generations. However, it seems bizarre because we have a habit to resist the change but time has witnessed a lot of changes in history where every human being resisted it but couldn’t avoid it.

Being a change management expert, I can foresee the following changes are on the way:

  • Change in the Mode of Business
  • Change in the emotional quotient
  • Change in food habits
  •  Change in the viewpoint for material things
  • Change in saving habits
  • Change in trust quotient
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

All these changes will give birth to ‘A New Normal’. Before I explain new normal, let us go through the highlights of an ‘Old Normal’

Old Normal:

We were going out freely without worries, eating eatables without stress, having a habit to explore new in an adventurous way. We were trying to be rough and tough. Sneezing and coughing were allowed at public places with one disclaimer ‘Sorry’ or ‘Excuse Me’.

New Normal:

New Normal will be very different, the year 2020 will be the inception point of this new normal. People will limit themselves with respect to food habits, People will orient their life towards ‘live it now’ attitude, Society will be lacking trust quotient in their life. Societies will feel emotionally weak.

The most important characteristic of New Normal will be ‘Mode Of Business’. The mode of business will be different, people will innovate new business methods because business models of old normal will not be effective.

Masks will be part of the dress codes. Sanitizers will be part of daily hygiene.

There is one thing which we can maintain during both the normal that is ‘HAPPINESS’.








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