We were taking it for granted, were not worried that some lives would be threatened because of our freedom for actions.

Some families would be sitting inside their homes, their informers (media) would be informing them, “Do not go out in the day time, still, there is danger outside,” The best time to go out when it is dark, but they were scared of night vultures. Life for them was like total lockdown. They felt scared while collecting food and nectar for their families or young ones and perhaps were betting their life for food collection.

Yes, you are right to decode; I am talking about wildlife. This is how we were behaving with them and our attitude towards them was not less than a deadly virus. 

Today the wildlife is reciprocating our actions. Yesterday they were in cages and today we are in cages. It is not nature or natural calamity; it is the sequence of our actions which we are facing.

Image by Carlos Ribeiro from Pixabay
Image by Carlos Ribeiro from Pixabay

Let us love nature and wildlife with pure spirit and exponent of happiness so that ecological equilibrium can be attained.

Rajesh’s quotes

“Keep silence, Perhaps, God is writing the biggest chapter of History in 2020.”— Rajesh Walecha

5 thoughts on “Life In Cages….

  1. I still do my daily feeding of the sparrows, doves and crows. and the arrival of all the spring flowers has really attracted the hummingbirds and bees. Can’t wait to go hiking in Mt Laguna again. I know the forest creatures there have been enjoying a special freedom in their movements. On a somewhat sad, maybe slightly humorous note, our local mountain lions– because of lack of visitors and downscaled employees– have sometimes jumped enclosures at our Safari Park and attacked various foreign antlered species. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. That’s great loujen, you are rendering wonderful services to mother nature, because these spectacular creatures you are feeding upon make our life happy and pleasent too. I am happy and express my gratitude to you for stopping by and liking the post. I am sure you would have enjoyed it.😊😊


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