“You are my beautiful creation,” said God to humanity and still keep saying the same. If it is so; why this beautiful creation is challenged by the universe today? Why we are passing through the era of invisible challenge? Is it a challenge or a lesson to be taught to us by nature?

Theses are different questions mumbling in my mind.

Perhaps this would not have been there if all of us would have kept close proximation with nature. Perhaps nature is annoyed the way we have isolated ourselves  from her and started loving the giant to be called as ‘technology’. However, there is no doubt technology has taken us to the new horizon, but on this new horizon our mother Earth is not there, who protects us from many illnesses.

No doubt, Today we all are living a very sophisticated life but away from earthly touch due to which our internal power to fight these invisible enemies is low or in some cases it is absent.

Perhaps you can relate to me, nowadays there are four versions of life in front of us. They are:

  1. Life outside the window
  2. Life outside the door
  3. Life on the road
  4. Life in the sky
  5. Life in our brain

Life outside the window:

Image by dae jeung kim from Pixabay
Image by dae jeung kim from Pixabay

When I see through the window of my living room, I see plants are happy, butterflies, honey-bees and wasps are doing their routine course of nectar collection. Flowers of plants are blooming with more brightness and happiness. The beautiful sparrows, birds, and humming-bird are playing and dancing with delight and ecstasy.

I asked them silently ” Why you are not scared as we all humans are scared of this invisible enemy?

They answered, my dear we are with our mother earth, we are doing as she instructs and wants us to do. Hence she is protecting all of us. Hence we are not worried and playing fearlessly.

Life outside the door and on the road:

When I saw through the net door of my house, I saw there is no human being outside and roads are silent. The scary silence exaggerates itself further when I saw only a vegetable vendor who is selling vegetables for the betterment of all of us by putting himself at a big risk. This becomes scarier when I see the wild animals are wandering on these city roads.

I asked these wild animals, why nature is putting us in a challenge?

They laughed before answering and asked me, Okay! you are missing nature today, where were you missing quotient, when you were exploiting us beyond a threshold level.

Life in the sky:

The birds are flying heights without any fear and dancing too. I asked them, are you not scared of this invisible enemy?

They smiled silently and asked me before answering, Are you enjoying the life in your cage, have you collected grains and eatables for your loved ones and yourself. They taunted me, be careful, do not come out of your cage there is hunter outside and laughed loudly.

Yes! we are not scared of this invisible enemy because our mother earth is with us. Enjoy your life, you cage creature saying this, they kept flying.

Life in our brain:

After having interactions with all these creatures, I was missing my school days when I used to play in the mud, eating the eatables without washing my hands, just cleaning them by rubbing them on my pantaloon. Where are those days?

What will be the future of human life, will it be like wearing the mask, washing the hands regularly and feeling scared from my beloved humans. My eyes were full of tears and I prayed to God:

” Please forgive all of us (Human Beings) for all our sins during this Holy Week of Easter. Please bless us with freedom for life. We promise now onwards we will not exploit anything selfishly.



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